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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Just a phase" project ROCK FOR LIFE

  I'm excited to announce a new rock and roll themed project I am going to start! I was inspired by a CBGB's graphic (the one above) that said "Just a phase." This touched a nerve with me because I know so many people like the guy in this graphic. Still punk rock, still staying true after all these years. I'm only 27, but someday I will be an aging rock and roller myself. 

  I am currently looking for rockers and punk rockers who still dress the same and live the lifestyle. I want to give them a chance to tell their story and share pictures to show their lifelong devotion. If you are (or know anyone) over the age of 40 who is still totally dedicated to their music scene, I wanna hear your story and see pictures. You can contact me by email or through my contact page. I'm going to start by interviewing local friends I already know in the SF Bay Area and getting pictures, just like the one above. Rock and roll isn't just a phase, it's a lifestyle. 


Holle said...

Saw your post on craigslist and just wanted to wish you luck on this very cool adventure! I love that pic too, very sweet and powerful at the same time.
There is no (healthy) phase in my life that I haven't wanted to continue. Rock on!

Becca Jones-Starr said...

Thanks Holle!
Rock and roll is a big part of my life and I love meeting people who feel the same.

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