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Monday, February 6, 2012

Write a testimonial for Bite The Dust

 Since the month of January I have been making site updates and changing the layout. In an effort to make the site better I have added a Testimonials page.

 At this point in time I am calling on any of  my fans to help me out by submitting a testimonial. In this case a testimonial would be what you think about my website and some of it's content, or some of my projects (Like Rockast). If you enjoy my site, tell others why with a paragraph long explanation. Here is a link with more information about how to write testimonials. It will help improve the site and connect BTD to more rock and roll fans. I am making lots of other improvements to the site, so check often for updates. 

Please submit your testimonial on my testimonial submission page or at

Thanks everyone in advance!

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