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Friday, November 1, 2013

Adult Trick or Treating

Becca in a pet semetary inspired Joey Ramone costume!

 I'm 28 years old, and I still trick or treat. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, as it embraced all of my favorite things...candy, costumes and excess. I never knew as a kid that Halloween would have a completely different type of dynamic. As an adult, trick or treating is essentially a night time block party. Being an adult you can chat with your neighbors in a way that you just couldn't as a kid. You can chill on their porch and drink a beer, and talk about things. Adults are also more likely to recognize your costume, and last night I crept around Berkeley in a Joey Ramone costume. It's a great way to get to know your neighbors in the most fun way.

 I remember as I was starting to hit my teens, my family members saying I probably "couldn't get away with trick or treating anymore." This was disheartening to hear, and although I figured they were probably right I continued to trick or treat. Not once did I hear a negative comment, and I still haven't in my obvious adulthood. I was also surprised by being a "big person"...I got full size candy bars. I actually heard the people giving out candy say this. Not sure if they thought I was a big kid or a young adult, but either way...I'm happy with the candy. Yes, I may be a pay check yielding adult who can BUY candy, but who doesn't like FREE candy?

 Granted, the ability to adult trick or treat depends greatly on the city and neighborhood. For example I'm confident in my home town of suburban San Diego, that adult trick or treating wouldn't fly. I feel lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where although nothing is perfect--people are very accepting. I invite you to try trick or treating next year. I bet you will be surprised by how false all the rhetoric about growing up our parents fed us. You can be whatever kind of person you want to be.

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