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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Free Swag Facelift

 I figured out a way (I think) to make this work. With more submissions or free swag then I could afford (over $2,000) I think I came up with a good solution. Promo items are still free but I gotta charge for shipping. Other companies that do freebies are major corporations with a lot more money then me.

 I am a small business that got an explosion of submissions. I've been pain-painstakingly going through the thousands of emails and writing as many folks back as I can. The folks to strike me as genuine rock n roll fans, or who wrote a nice letter are going to be getting some free swag sent to them soon w/out paying for shipping (as per the way free swag used to be). However all the rude and harassing responses I got from some shockingly entitled adults are not getting a thing. I know some folks might not like that I'm charging for shipping of free items, but all I have to say is tough cookies.
I love doing free swag and sending things in the mail and I don't want to have to stop doing it. So after some consideration I believe this is the best solution.

Please read all the below text about the free swag, it's important
Due to going viral and getting an overwhelming response for free swag (Over 7,000) we have to charge for shipping the free items. Each envelope costs $0.50 cents to $2.60 to send out regular mail and I can no longer manage that cost out of pocket. If you fill out the form without paying for mailing I will put you on my list for future giveaways. Charging a fair price for shipping is the best way to keep this going. I am a small business...I am not a corporation with lots of money. Many of the other businesses that do free item giveaways are major corporations and that is not me. I'm doing the best I can to handle all the responses. I'm not interested in catering to responses from adults having temper tantrums that "they can't get their free stuff." Being simply nice and genuinely into rock and roll is all I need.

Just to give you some context on my swag: I've had this website for 13 years and have been doing swag for about 4. In 4 years I haven't even hit the 100 mark in terms of submissions for free swag and swag mailed out. I send out about 20 A YEAR. And I got 4,000 overnight (and to mail all the submissions I got would cost over $2,000.00.)

 Each envelope sent out will say "" on the outside. Available items include buttons, key chains, magnets, pencils, stickers, a guitar pick ***************WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!*************** Each envelope will have a few items enclosed. If you do not receive an envelope from me (in a few weeks after I tell you I'm mailing it) please contact me by email and we'll figure it out.

 ONLY ONE PER PERSON. A list is being kept of people who have submitted for and got free swag. So multiple submissions are not permitted.

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