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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Freebie Giveaway Nightmare

  My free swag has gotten out of control again. Despite the initial 3,000 messages I received (which quickly grew to 7,000+) on February 25th I still manage to get inundated with responses. I get about 20 submissions every hour. I noticed a huge upswing in submissions from Algeria. I don't even ship free swag internationally, which I do specify on my free swag page. Since late February my giveaway has been spread around way more. And since there is a language barrier with international submissions I can't seem to continue. I get so many responses that I can't get back to them because gmail has emailing limits. Getting the volume I am there is no way to keep it going. 

 The best analogy I can give is this: it's like getting a water leak. You can't stop the water from gushing out so you shut it off. The moment I turn the water back on it starts gushing out again. The moment I turn my forms back on I start receiving responses. Based off of the comments from folks,  my free swag page is still circulating. Freebie Blogs, Mommy Blogs, anything you can think of. It's just plain ridiculous. I hate that something that used to be fun for me has turned into a nightmare. I may have to stop doing free swag permanently. :/ I keep trying to bring it back after a break to see if I can make it work again. But at this point it is way too overwhelming. 

I mean seriously, look at this.

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