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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Case for Gaga

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my favorite topic is popular culture. And music history. I love all music, I'd rather have music I don't like then none at all. I'd even learn to love rap.

So the main reason I pay any attention at all to new pop culture is because it all goes back to the geriatric music I listen to. If you've taken a pop culture music history class, you've learned about the origins of music and how whites took black music and hence we have rock and roll.

Well I can tell you exactly what happened after that, Elvis inspired the Beatles and Bob Dylan, British Invasion, glam rock, heavy bands, punk rock, disco. Disco died but was reincarnated into contemporary dance music aka electronica. That's how we get to Lady Gaga, which is like the Gloria Gaynor of the "new disco." I like to think of her as a "Bowie-Madonna" as she embraces the theatrical music videos like Bowie and Madonna, has the crazy outfits like both, and has a strange and sexual persona like Madonna. Unlike Madonna, and more like Bowie, she seems like a down to Earth person, as shown in the interview with Oprah. I really like how she heavily promotes "being yourself" Which I can get behind 100%.

I'm not really into new music, let alone electronic music. My initial interest in Gaga was because she dressed fun. I wish I could do the same thing. Then I saw the Poker Face music video late at night once when I couldn't sleep. I saw so many different retro influences in her, then I started to hear it in the lyrics. References to Hitchcock movies, old Hollywood legends, stuff only old people or pop culture nerds might get.

Now there is copy cat behavior going on. Just like everything in pop culture, anything that works we gotta keep doing it until it's no longer cool. Then, you know, in 20 years I'll be super cool again.

La Roux-Bulletproof

I like how androgyny is becoming cool again, and I like seeing all the girl power going on. So I'm kind of OK with this electronic pop culture movement. Obviously La Roux is trying to ride the coat tails of Gaga, which happens. Also, having the name of the artist *also* start with a "L" helps the two artists stand near each other on a play list. Smart. La Roux is almost more "Bowie-esque" with her 80's sounding music, and Thin White Duke hair. Like Bowie, she has a song called "Quicksand".

Then there's Ke$ha, who is somehow similar music wise to Lady Gaga? Both are electronic. That's all I hear as far as similarity.

Lady Gaga is a weirdo, but Ke$ha looks like a drunk sorority girl. I don't hate Ke$ha, but she doesn't interest me in any way.

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