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Why I'm done with The Gits

My mind is still blown as to how things have went down over the past couple of months. Talking about this is still really upsetting for me but whether I like it or not I have to break my silence. A band I've worked with since 2012, The Gits and I have had to part ways...and disappointingly not on good terms. After this blog entry I intend to never talk about the Gits again.   As many of you might know I've been running the Gits fan site and online store for a long time. It mostly went smoothly apart of some trouble getting merch done (our official merch was screen printed). For example we'd be getting low on some shirt sizes and I'd email Steve to let him know. Since he handled the finances (totally understandable) he had to be the one to make an order. Therefore sometimes we'd have big gaps in between the orders being made and received. Naturally I did a lot of damage control but made my share of errors and learned a ton. In about 2016 the Gits started to fracture.
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The Recording Industry Association of America is on a take down notice spree

 Out of the blue I got a very formal sounding submission to my contact form from a rep from the Record Industry Association of America . It read as follows... July 24, 2020 Dear Sir or Madam: I am contacting you on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (RIAA) and its member record companies. The RIAA is a trade association whose member companies create, manufacture and distribute approximately eighty-five (85) percent of all legitimate sound recordings sold in the United States. Under penalty of perjury, we submit that the RIAA is authorized to act on behalf of its member companies on matters involving the infringement of their sound recordings, including enforcing their copyrights and common law rights on the Internet, and including with respect to the copyrighted works identified below.  We have learned that your service is operating and/or hosting the below-referenced infringing web site(s) on its network. These site(s) are offering files containing sound re

Re-launch of "" Official Fan Site! The brand new Gits fan site has debuted! Go check it out!

What happened to the Gits site?

 In November our Gits fan site ( went down. It took us a while to figure out what happened which was (long story short) Hostbaby getting bought out by Squarespace and is now on "Bandzoogle" a website for bands. I've been working hard building the new site at the new location. I've had to condense it down but everything will still be there. We lost a lot of stuff, such as images and most importantly our newsletter which had over 1,000 subs.  There have also been things going on behind the scenes besides technical difficulties. I wont go into too much detail because I don't think it's appropriate, but the remaining band members seem to have the dynamic of a divorced couple. They do their best to stay on the same page and get a long but it seems like they've all got different visions and ideas on what to do now. It seems like it's rare for them to agree. I'm not in the band so I obviously stay out of it. I can't help but fe

Pop Cult Discoveries

During my adolescence I discovered a lot of odd and interesting music and pop culture-related images and footage. Due to the magic of the internet, I was later able to Google them and see if anyone else had noticed the same things. Sure enough a lot of these have been discussed or explained online. This is an ongoing list of cool or strange things I have found in films, images, video games, and more. Discovery #1: Saddam Hussein makes cameo in Marx Brothers movie. I had just bought my last Marx Brothers DVD boxed set. I popped in my favorite Marx brothers movie of all time...Duck Soup. I was enjoying myself until the scene "Were going to war" came. Groucho announced that "Freedonia" was going to war. Every admiral got a chance to belt during the war heart stopped when I saw what appeared to be Saddam Hussein. "Oh my god is that Saddam Hussein!?" I cried out. We skipped back immediately...and it wasn't Saddam himself but a clone. And i

Music to check out (if you haven't yet)

Modern bands that prove rock and roll style music, whether it be garage rock, psychedelic, or authentic blues is still alive and being made. Interpol New York based band, part of the post-punk revival sound with Ian Curtis-like vocals. Similiar sound to The Chamelons or Echo & The Bunnymen. Check out: "Slow Hands", "Stella was a diver and she was always down", "Roland" Interpol     Active 1997-present The Black Angels The band's name derives from the Velvet Underground song "The Black Angel's Death Song". Contemporary acid rock at it's finest. Psychadelic album covers with a 13th Floor Elevators vibe. They sound just like Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Byrds, and Jefferson Airplane. Check out: "Melanie's Melody", "Telephone", "Yellow Elevator #2" The Black Angels     Active 2004-present Of Montreal From Athens, Georgia neo-psychedelia and indie rock, Violen

Tips & Info for new concert goers

How to get up close, backstage and even meet the band! My back story  I love the experience of a live show, they are always bright spots in my life. As soon as I started going, my obvious goal was to get close to the performer. My very first concert was The Monkees in 2001 in San Diego California. I was brought into the rock and roll world by Davy Jones, who serenaded me during the show. After that it was endless amounts of interesting luck and fun experiences. Check out my list of all the concerts I've been to. Along the way during my desperate teenage attempts to meet famous people I learned a bunch of useful things. I'd like to pass on this random but helpful knowledge to future generations of new young concert goers. This page is a guide to getting the most at concerts. I've been to plenty and found out the successful strategies you can take! Ya know what the biggest lesson I learned was that I can tell you right now? ASK if you can go back stage, ask if y