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Friday, July 9, 2010

Google Chrome and Mac

Listening to "Hissing Fuana", thank to my old co-worker Kelly for the lovely CDs in the mail.

I stumbled across Google Chrome yesterday and started playing around with it. It's a new browser by Google. It's my new default now. It's easy to customize and it's intuitive.

I love Google and PCs because they are thorough and straight forward.

I unlike everyone else, hates Macs. (Sorry everybody, but this is how I feel) I lose documents all the time, it's difficult to save things. I have to work on a Mac for graphic design, and have had to for years before editing videos. I hate it but realize this is what people are using and where (especially my specific profession) is going. So it's an unpleasant pill to swallow.

It's like sitting down at a desk filled with unorganized papers and having to put them all info a transparent file box. Yup, good luck finding it, feel around for a while and hope it's the right one. That's now it feels. Macs make me feel retarded.

Anyways Google Chrome is rad, I highly suggest it.

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