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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

P0P Culture

I like studying pop culture. Studying means a lot of things, reading about it, listening to music. Sometimes I listen to pop culture music I don't particularly like in order to understand it. The best thing about music is I keep learning things about it, so many neat details that matter only to me!

For example, I was craving some Bob Segar the other day and finally actually listened to the lyrics of Night Moves. I had no idea it was about two people just getting it on even though they didn't really like each other. Interesting, never realized it. Thought it was just a generic nostalgic Summer song. But I was wrong! It's saucy. Like when I read Jaws by Peter Benchley and found it was incredibly dirty and much more interesting then Spielberg's family friendly shark movie in comparison.

I feel like I keep flashing back. Clearly I watch too much family guy.

This is what it's like to argue with a San Diego Republican

I really love music and want to know about all of it. So I pay attention to all pop culture things. I realized just now that I do even subject myself to music i don't like so I can try and understand it. I can think of a bunch of examples...

I used to not like NIN, and I MADE myself listen to The Downward Spiral over and over. Even though the album creeped me out. Then one day I got it, just out of nowhere. I understood this kind of music, or at least the artist and I fell in love. Sometimes music needs to enter your life at the right time, and sometimes you do just need to give it another chance. An open mind. It feels like letting it more love or making more friends. There is just more to like and celebrate.

I encourage people to not be too judgmental of others music taste...and be open minded.

It's a fascinating topic.

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