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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rock isn't Dead

The more I learn about music and pop culture history the more absurd the "rock is dead" myth is.

Why do I think rock is not dead? Ok, well, if rock is dead, why do generations still continue to listen to it? Why do young people still fall in love with band like the Beatles and led Zeppelin generation after generation? Even though for example the Beatles are broken up, they still continue to sell greatest hits albums that out sell contemporary acts. Also there albums in the past (Sgt pepper for going platinum for example) STILL hold records to this day.

If rock is dead, how come these songs are now standards? How come the artists who wrote these songs like Joel and Simon and McCartney are revered at poets even to this day?

Music empowers people like religion. When John Lennon made the "Beatles are bigger than Jesus
comment...he was actually right. Culturally, they pretty much were. Music is played at places of worship and during it, it is the expression of pure joy. Music being the religion, religion being something that we can relate to and that makes us feel unified. Hence fan groups being like cults.

As human beings we all long for a sense of unity...a place to belong. Our people. Comic Con, our 'Cheers', game stores, where ever you feel a sense of comradeship. Music provides this, which is why it fulfills that need for many. The unity of a generation, a place in time, a memory, a song sung in the car. Music is heavily tied to memory. Sometimes we prevent ourselves from listening to a certain song. I call this "blacklisting" a song for bothering you. I usually make an effort to un-blacklist blacklisted an effort to get over my mental hang ups. I don't want to prevent myself from hearing an awesome song, too!

Nothing makes me feel better then music. Nothing has such a soul as music. And rock and roll still beats strong. If you check it's vital signs...everything points to alive.

When I was a teenager I liked the Beatles and Rolling Stones (and way more) and sported their shirts. People would say.."aren't you a little young to like this band?/They were around before you were born." I always rolled my eyes. I didn't see what that had to do with *anything*.

I think I excited the older folks when I was younger, they saw that rock was still alive and still loved. (Even all these years later, even though the artists are old and grey if not dead). I didn't get it at the time, but now I do.

I have a young friend, who mirrors me almost perfectly at that same age. It's exciting to see that cycle continue. It's a wonderful time of discovery. I probably changed more then, than any other time in my life. Rock and roll blew my mind. And I see that going on my young friend.

So if you say rock and roll is dead....
I say you are wrong!

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