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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I hate Macs

People are always perplexed why I hate Macs.

I do not only hate them because they are trendy, I have lots of reasons. Allow me to indulge myself.

Right now I am at school, on a Mac. I am a graphic designer and have been editing movies on Macs since I was 14. Even then I hated Macs. I've also been designing websites for ten years, and I hate Safari. Just to specify before we begin, I am not computer illiterate. I am however, annoyed.


#1 As a designer who has at least a few applications open at a time (the internet, photoshop, text edit) I like the ability to shrink down screens. On Macs you are permanently in the program. You can't shrink it down. So looking for the desktop is a hapless clicking search. Yes, I know about Command H, which "can" take you back to the desktop...but not if your inside a program. So it only works for web.

#2 All functions that are obvious and "one buttoned" are all screwed up on the Mac. Example; Print Screen. On a PC it's just a simple button, that says PRINT SCREEN. On a Mac, it's a completely un-guessable. It's not on the keyboard, inf act you have to look it up on the internet to know how to do it. It's 3 keys on the keyboard you have to press in unison to even get print screen. While PCs again have one button you need to press! BUT WAIT it's not over yet! Once you HIT the awkward command option 4 you still have to select the screen itself. How is making once simple keyboard functions more difficult making a computer better? That is just one example.

#3 USB ports on Macs need to be ejected before they can be taken out or they might get damaged. On a PC you can simply pop your usb port in and out with ease and without damage. On Macs you have to un-intuitively drag the USB down to the Trash before you can properly eject it...or may get damaged. Again, who would ever figure that?

#4 Right clicking. Computer mouses are built in with a right click function. Right click is so important for saving text and links, and copying and pasting images. On Macs, the mouse isn't "right clickable" until you make it so. A mouse is built to be left and right clickable. Why would you make it so that we have to go all the way to System Preferences when it should be doing it anyway!

#5 The Dock is annoying. This is another one of those gotta mess with the settings issues. The dock also gets in the way of designing. On PCs, it's off in the bottom segment and you can't go past it. On Macs, if you're working on a graphic and erasing pixels you will risk hitting the dock (especially if you're doing detailed work)...and will suddenly open up an application (because again, the programs all take up the entire screen for the most part, so they go beyond the dock). My first thought was to resize my canvas but then I can't see everything. So while designing on the Mac during a detailed project I accidentally click on the dock all the time. My classmates and I go "Whoops, I was editing and I accidentally opened Flash again."

#6 Zune's totally pwn ipods. Why you ask? Let me tell you! On a Zune, you can have any audio format, not so on an ipod. The Zune marketplace is way more vast and fun then iTunes. Zune's are more customizable, you can even set the look of your zune and name it. It's a much more fun and intimate experience instead of the classic stale white ipod. Not to mention ipods take you right back to the "main main" (album artists podcasts) menu when the artist or album is done. While Zune's leave you with the artist you left off on, in alphabetical order. So the last artist you heard it now highlighted on the menu of logical. Also, the PC can use Zune or iTunes or whatever, but Macs only have iTunes! Zune's and PCs are cheaper than Macs and iPods. Especially with iPods, you are paying for what's trendy. Apple has such a tiny piece of the market while Microsoft owns the rest..they don't need to advertise. The iPod is about 40-60% more expensive than technologically equal products. Buy a iPod you are paying for trend. So to recap, PCs are better than Macs, Zunes are better than iPods and even Androids are better than iPhones.  There are numerous links with reviews, don't take it from me...go take a look.

#7 Um hi, Macs do less stuff than PCs. The PC has more games, applications, MORE things work on a PC. I don't even need to mention about Gamers, modding, Linux and Unix. Oh and Macs are retarded when it comes to Flash...another horrible issue for me as a designer! Also, you can't restart a Mac.

I think Macs are absurd, and I will never buy one. Using a Mac is like voluntarily slamming my fingers in a car door.

I thought what true nerds did was do research and buy the best product for the money. But nowadays nerds are just being Apple's biotch because they are victims to trend and advertising. 

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