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Saturday, July 2, 2011

How you can Help!

You say you want a revolution? Well, we all want to change the world!  Helping out is much easier than it seems and I will show you how. Volunteering is a really great thing. I have been an active volunteer for 5 years now. Ever hear the saying "Don't vote, don't complain"? It's kinda like that.

volunteering will...
• Give you something great to put on your resume. It may sound silly, but it makes a huge difference, ESPECIALLY if the volunteer work is geared to a certain profession.
• Help you land a job or lay the foundation for an unexpected career. It has for me.
• Help you gain some serious experience and not to mention becoming more knowledgable and worldy.
• Help you make a lot of great friends and I promise you will establish lots of connections.

not sure what you can do? Here are a few suggestions...
• Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Depending on where you live some policies may vary. Most animal shelters are nothing like the reputation movies and cartoons have depicted. With your help (dog walking, bunny cuddling, cat socialization...) you may actually save lives. Volunteering at an animal shelter also reallu opens your eyes to the important of collars, spaying and neutering, and responsible ownership.
• Be a big brother or sister. There are a lot fo kids out there who have broken families who could use a buddy to rely on. Some girls without mothers, or boys without fathers can use you to make a good influence in their lives. You will bring up a girls self confidence, you will help a boy stand up for himself. Kids who have positive active roles in their lives are less likely to turn to gangs or drugs.
• Volunteer for doing a trash pick up along the cost or at a park. Picking up trash is not glamorous, but you'll be doing something great for the environment. Picking up trash may save an animals life. They wont get caught in it, it wont ruin their habitat, and the water source will not be polluted.
• Volunteer your time at a home for the elderly. There are a number of reasons why this can be a great option for you. A lot of elderly people are lonely, and often times don't get to see their kids or grandkids as much as they wish (if at all). You can help fill this void and bring them entertainment and happiness. It's a little known fact that elderly people are the #1 most suicidal group of people [source], the misconception is that it is teenagers. You can help bring new life and purpose to someone who feels totally useless. Also, helping out old people can bridge the gap of the generations. They'll have some interesting stories to tell, and it will be an interesting history lesson to how things used to be. A lot of old people have this misconception that all youth is the same. Youth has this same conception about old people.
• Other ideas: Volunteer as a tutor, volunteer for your political party during election time, or volunteer for a marathon or bike-a-thon.

but...I work a lot, and am tired after work. I wont have the time...
• I can't tell you how much I hear this bullshit excuse. Let me tell you, I have worked full time (2 jobs!), gone to school part time AND was a frequent volunteer. So don't give lame excuses like that. I just don't buy it. Volunteering can work around your schedule. A lot of times a ride can be provided or some sort of carpooling. You know all that time you spend sitting around? You could be doing something important. Not to mention, it makes you feel great a selfless. I have actually gained a lot of self confidence through helping others!

things I have gotten out of volunteer work...
• Secretarial abilities, one of the most valuable abilities these days.
• I'm less shy being in public and talking to strangers. I have no problem asking a total stranger how there doing and if I can help them.
• I've gotten better at managing money and coordinating groups of people.
• I have gained some muscle and gotten more physically fit.
• Friends and connetcions like woa. I get to have lunch with some important city people.
• A  load of experience, knowledge and confidence. Seriously, I kid you not!

how to start!
• Start searching online for things and their locations.
• The newspaper is a great source of information.
• The bulletin boards in grocery stores and places that have community boards.
• Ask around!
• Ask the coordinator of the jobs section at your college or high school. That is a terrific source for information!

We can't truthfully ask for change and not help do something about it! If you want change or improvement in your country or community, help!!!

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