Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: Rockast #9: Whistle Songs!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rockast #9: Whistle Songs!

Whistle Rockast Running time 50 mins
Disney's "Give a little whistle" "Whistle stop", Beck "Sissyneck", Paul Simon "Me and Julio down by the school yard", Guns N Roses "Patience", The Bangles "Walk like an Egyptian", Foster the People "Pumped up kicks", The Pixies "La La Love You", David Bowie "Golden Years", Rock Mafia "The Big Bang", Bobby McFerrin "Don't worry be happy", Peter Bjorn and John "Young Folks", Otis Redding "Sitting on the dock of the bay", John Lennon "Jealous Guy", The Beatles "Two of Us".

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