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Monday, January 16, 2012

Music posers

Ever see a girl in a rock t shirt who just doesn't look like she knows who they are?

Have you ever been out in public, and spotted a person wearing a rock and roll t-shirt? Every time I do, which is if they're 12 feet or less away, I have to say something about it.

That something would be "Yay! I love (insert band)! What's your favorite album?"
Well, sometimes when I ask that question, I get a response I don't expect...

*Blank expression*
"I'm not really a fan of (insert band), I just like the shirt."

My heart sinks.
And then I want to punch them.

This happened just yesterday.
I was visiting my local pot club (Berkeley Patients Group, woop woop) and I immediately spotted a girl wearing a Beatles shirt. I shouldn't even have to inform you how much I love rock music, so I can't help but mention it. I also feel like this is an obvious potential friend! I said to her "Yea the Beatles rock! Niiice!"

And she gave me that blank "I'm above you" look.
Now, this doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen fairly often.
Instead of just letting it go like I usually do, I got pissed off. I feel like this horrible phenomenon needs to be addressed.

If I wore a 49's Jersey, I would expect to be approached or questioned. Music t shirts are no different. It ticks me off because it makes it pretty clear that this person is a poser, a phoney, a slave to 'fashion'. And to them, 'fashion' is wearing a rock band on your shirt and not knowing who they are...when they actually rock.
It's just insulting, insulting to the band. Not to mention the ever pressing question HOW DO YOU NOT NOW WHO THE BEATLES/RAMONES/INSERT BAND ARE?

This right here is a text book example of what DRIVES ME NUTS!
I already sent her a message.

It's very sad that Ramones t shirts are so fashionable, much like a CB GB's shirts that people think of their name or logo as a label in the same category as Nike. One time I was shopping at a local Hot Topic, and the girl behind the counter was wearing a Clash shirt. I got excited and quickly realized (big surprise) that this Hot Topic had hired a poser. Yes, I know, it's not so unbelievable at a Hot Topic...but this happens everywhere. It always perplexes me. When did this start and how did it get so bad? I would -never- wear a band t shirt and not like the band or at least know who they are. I would expect no, welcome some questions. I look at it as being genuine and being able to meet like minded people. Again, I see it as an opportunity to make friends. It's like false advertising. I think "Cool person, potential friend" but instead the message I get is "SHEEPLE."

This awful fashion statement needs to stop.

Girls I enthusiastically approach when I see your rock music shirt and you just treat it like a "shirt":
Don't give me that blank condescending look. I don't care if it's your boyfriend's t shirt and you had nothing clean to wear. Don't wear something people feel passionate about and turn it into any other label. At least be smart enough to expect someone at some point to mention it.

One time I saw a guy wearing "I'm the gangster of love" t shirt. I yelled "Yea Steve Miller band!"
he went "Huh?"
I said "That's a song lyric from a Steve Miller band song" and I sung a few lines.
He shrugged and said "I'll try to remember to Google it later."


Jillian S said...

I totally agree with you on this one. Although, I have to admit I was once guilty of this, but in my defense I was like 13 years old. It was the 90s and patches were really in. I went to a headshop and bought one with 4 colorful teddy bears because I thought it was cute. One day an older kid who hung out with the grunge crowd that I idolized acknowledged me and said, "Cool. You're a dead head!" But I had no freaking idea what she was talking about and she had to explain that I had a Grateful Dead patch on my backpack. I felt like a complete idiot!

Anyway, yeah this is really annoying. People do it with movie tshirts too. Target sells a lot of inexpensive shirts of cool classic rock or alternative bands and I just know a bunch of teens probably buy them without having any clue who they are. I just don't get it. At least research the band after you buy it if that's your deal. I only wear shirts of things I really love and get excited if other fans recognize it.

Also, I went to CBGBs the year before it closed and bought a shirt. Every time I wore it, people would ask what CBGB & OMFUG stood for thinking it was internet slang or something. I finally put it away in a memory box instead of wearing it again.

Anonymous said...

I might wear a t-shirt that said ' titties and beer'. But I would have to mean it, y'know like not wear it in
Church or to a funeral or something but maybe at HOOTERS.

Becca Jones-Starr said...

I love your comment Jillian. I've totally seen Jimi Hendrix and Beatles "fake" vintage shirts at Target.

I got a CB GB shirt from there too, only months before they closed actually. And I know (kind of) What CB GB OMFUG stands for. "Country Blue Grass Blues" and the rest is a bunch of made up words by Hilly Krystal (that's why isn't easy to forget and hard to remember) . Looked it up "Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers" I can't possibly to be expected to remember the word "gormandizer".

Add said...

I also agree with you, completely....

Being the biggest Ramones fan in my area(at least that's what I consider myself-and I'm willing to defend my title) I always go up and talk to people with band T's on (especially Ramones) and talk to em... And I wanna spray paint/ruin their shirt when they say "Oh, I just like the way it looks"...

I make my own t-shirts and currently I'm working on a CBGB's shirt and my own mom asked if I'd make her one... Ya know what I said? "Sure, if you can tell me what CBGB's stands for?" Hahaha, I'm horrible!!! But that's the way I am now!! Thankfully she understands..

But anywho, I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you and love this post....

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