Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: Jonestarr Records website launch!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jonestarr Records website launch!

An up and coming record label dedicated exclusively to modern bands who embody that ROCK & ROLL sound.

Independent labels are the future of music because they aren't afraid to recreate the music business plan to work for themselves AND the artists and fans. Indie labels have fewer rights issues and can be more nimble than giant corporations. Independent labels are over 30% of the music industries market share in the U.S. I will have a label that doesn't exploit artists. I am part of the music community and work with people in the music industry. I know where they're coming from, and I understand what they are about.

This is an up & coming venture of mine, not official just yet (LLC wise) but I am currently working on it! Check out my website to get familiar with a future Bay Area record label!

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