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Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Contest] What rock and roll means to me

Our contest ends in just 7 days!

The best story wins an iPod Shuffle and other bonus goodies. There have been a lot of submissions so far! So we will be handing out 2nd and 3rd place prizes with some promo goodies (buttons, stickers, key chains and t-shirts).

Here is my story: When I discovered rock and roll it became a shield that I activate when I put on my headphones. To some people music is just a casual thing, but not me. I have to absorb every fact about it, and I enjoy the process. I love learning about the band members and what music inspired them. With every new album was a feeling like Christmas morning. It was the first time I felt smart about anything. The teachers  would notice I was into rock and roll and often comment on it. They were encouraged by my taste at a young age and some even gave me their old albums and posters from the 60's.

Record stores, magazines, music videos and movies with musicians in them was what I was all about. I'll never forget going to a record store for the first time. At this point music stores were just CDs and maybe some tapes, but being around vinyl records was a thrill. My first concert was The Monkees, where I was sang to by Davy Jones. In retrospect, I see that Davy was the one to literally guided me by hand into the rock and roll world. Because after that show, music was what I was all about. I have always been passionate about film making, and other things, but music became a huge part of my identity. It helped me create my own place in the world.

Submit your story!

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