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Thursday, June 20, 2013

When did rock and roll become "a guy's thing"?

Beatles jean jacket I found in the guys section at Ross

 Recently I was at a department store with a friend looking at apparel. We were browsing the store when I noticed something. There are rock t-shirts in the guys section, but not in the girls. I started to think to myself "Why?" if you are over in the girls section everything is colorful frilly and even flowery.  I consider most of those clothes too feminine and something I'd rarely wear. T-shirts are unisex. I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, and I felt it achieved both comfort and good style. Not to mention, I'm a legit rock fan and feel proud wearing my rock shirts.

 I started to pay attention, and noticed this was the case at most corporate department stores. In the past few years, living in the San Francisco Bay I've had no shortage of head shops with affordable t-shirts. I've been in my Berkeley bubble for a while, and forget that (like in the suburbs) department stores are one of the few places to find rock t-shirts. I grew up in suburbia where all we had was corporate chains and all I had was Hot Topic. But I grew up moved away and that changed. Maybe I'm not in chain stores much, or maybe I just didn't notice until now. Upon reflection I realized I got most of my rock t-shirts and jackets in the guys section.

Much like in the real world, the rock world has 

moments of "women can't do that." 

 Believe it or not just like disparaging comments about women in the work force I have also heard about women in rock. I've heard "women can't rock at the guitar like men do." I had to set that guy straight. Ability to play guitar is not a gender thing, it breaks down to passion, ability and talent. None of those things have to do with what's between your legs. Check out this article about Infuriating Things People Say to Women Musicians. It elaborates on my point about women in music and people's perceptions.

 Going to many rock concerts over the years I would hear remarks from guys saying girls go to concerts "just to hook up." I couldn't disagree with that more. When it gets down to it, I can only speak for myself when saying when I go to a rock show it is about THE ARTIST and the music experience. If there is any "guy I'm gonna be interested in" it's gonna be the guy(s) on stage. Just being real. I've also heard female musician friends lament that people think they are groupies when they are IN the band. Sometimes I hate how [some] guys think that every place in the world is just a pick up scene. It feels like it is discrediting real fans. Why are female rock artists and even female rock fans taken so less seriously? Really this bronze age attitude is prevalent in a lot of things, like in Geek Culture for example.

 Anybody who thinks women can't rock obviously haven't heard Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Nancy Wilson, and a BUNCH of others. Girls can rock just as much as guys, and girls can be passionate rock fans without being a groupie (and if they are, so what).

For additional reading, check out this article: Why My 9-Year-Old Daughter Shops for Clothes in the Boys' Section

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