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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Drag Show Performances

Way, way more Lou Weed photos here!

 Last month marked the 2 year anniversary of me performing drag with The Rebel Kings at The White Horse. It's crazy to think that much time has gone by. It sounds cliche, but it does feel like yesterday. I still get excited and nervous every time before I perform...maybe that's why it still feels new. I watched The Rebel Kings shows quietly sitting in the back row for at least a couple years. I've had many different layers of shyness that I have been peeling away at through my life--and this way another one. I debuted as David Bowie (my signature character) and have performed as him at least 5 times since. In the past 2 years I have performed as David Bowie, Joey Ramone, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Paul Weller, Sid Vicious, Chris Robinson, Marilyn Manson, Davy Jones and haven't forgot to represent the ladies of rock: Wendy O Williams, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, Karen O, Courtney Love and many more. My favorite character to play will always be David Bowie.

 The beginning I performed at least 2 shows a night to cater to my overgrowth of ideas. At first I had a plethora of rock and roll themed ideas. Over time I widdled it down to one solid act per show. It also makes it easier for me to watch and enjoy the show. If you perform multiple times, you are running around during the show constantly getting things and changing clothes. It can be very chaotic. In this time, I've learned a LOT about showmanship and improvising. In the beginning I would tear myself a part if a segment of my act didn't go right. Now a days I simply roll with the punches and learned to laugh about it. I have definitely built up a new and helpful skin. I've also got a lot more comfortable with myself. It has gotten to a point where I'd rather try and fail than not try at all.

I constantly recycle costume elements to transform into a rock star. I have about a dozen mid grade costume wigs in blond, black, brown, red, purple and blue. For example, my "Julian Casablancas wig" also works for Chris Robinson, Joan Jett and quite a few other rockers. In my opinion, you only need two things: Imagination and dedication. With imagination you can stretch your funds and materials. I also borrow costume pieces from friends for performances on a regular basis. Dedication in this case which would be to the music and performers them self. It's easy for me to go on stage and pretend to be Bowie, I've spent countless hours watching videos of him. Whether I realized it or not, I was studying their movements. I have this "Rock Star Totem Pole" I am working up and Freddie Mercury is at the top.

 When you are transgender, it seems you are better off learning to have a sense of humor and roll with it. Even in an open minded Queer drag group, there is still cliques and feeling of not being the kind of man/trans person they would like you to be. I often feel like I don't fit in for being the only one into men, and often get looks of confusion when this is discovered. In the drag troop I have pushed myself for myself. I got over fears and conquered worries that I found were just silly. In the Summer of this year I started branching out to other drag/performance shows. I've met nothing but nice, understanding people so it has been an enriching experience. I have learned I have something unique to offer to every group I perform with. I am also (and to my humbling surprise) got a fan base going of really cool loyal people. They sit in the back where I used to sit, which is a funny irony, and yell "Louuuu!"

 Lately I've been looking to push it a little farther. I was inspired by my last performance for Halloween as Alice Cooper. I'd like to do more graphic shows with more thought and with other individuals. A lot of my performances in the past two years have been solo. I'd like to bump things up a notch and collaborate with others. If you are interested or might know someone who is, shoot me an email at

Check out my Lou Weed website for upcoming performances and cool photos!

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