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Monday, October 7, 2013

Headphone Evolution

 I had a funny moment recently when I was at an electronics store looking for new headphones. I was considering buying some ear buds and headphones (because I like them both: both have their purposes). I found some ear buds that worked for me and I just wasn't seeing the headphones I was looking for. I saw all the typical chunky ones that are out now a days, I already have one (with Darth Vader on it, lol).

 So I asked a staff member if they had them and to direct me to them. She kind of laughed and said "Air plane headphones? I don't think they make those anymore." I'm thinking she may be right because I just don't see that style of headphones anywhere, anymore. It seems the only break down is ear buds and the large headphones.

 This sort of thing happens to me often, I'm a Luddite who is half freaked out by technology, half mystified by it's power to do my bidding. When I went to upgrade my phone to a Smart Phone years ago, the sales people behind the counter at AT&T laughed at me (I thought that was uncalled for). I often here comments when I whip out my basic track phone that only calls and texts--I like it that way.

 I remember being in Junior High and using my headphones to get lost in another world. That contraption was essentially my gateway to music video daydream land. Listening to music aloud on your stereo is awesome, but there's something neat also about listening to music on headphones. Sometimes while listening to music with my headphones that only I can hear...I almost feel like I'm being told a secret. Good music tends to make me smile and give me goosebumps. Based on people's expressions they can see that I'm smiling and they clearly wonder what's doing it. Music.

 Putting on my headphones to listen to music is the fastest way to calm me down. Calling it a type of
meditation wouldn't be far off at all. The best way to take an emotional break or breather than I know. Headphones also offer a break from talking (usually) when you just wanna be left alone. When I first had headphones, they were pretty small and cheaply made with foamy ear phones. Before long the style off the back was big in the 90's especially for cyclists. These awful things that hooked onto your ears reared their ugly heads. I couldn't stand the feel of those things. Than ear buds made their debut. For years they were a no fun thing for me, I guess I have small ears so for a long time I simply couldn't find ear buds that fit. Thankfully as time went on that changed and now there's many sizes and types.

 As techno music grew in popularity so did the large style of headphones. That became the new standard and rap artists were making and releasing their own headphones. Lou Reed even released a purple pair for an exorbitant price. Love ya Lou, but that's too much for headphones. I've had many headphones over the years, finding that just because you buy a nice pair doesn't mean it's worth the investment. In my personal experience I have found middle grade headphones and are buds work just fine. Shelling out the extra money for quality isn't worth it in my opinion. If you are an Audio File and are obsessed with sound quality, than I'm sure you'd disagree with me.

 Noise cancelling headphones I will sing the praises of, but even those are pretty affordable. It's a miraculous thing to be able to listen to music without the noise of other people. If you commute on public transportation I would highly recommend it, just don't forget to pay attention for your stop.

Just for fun: The History of Headphones
It's Evolution, baby.

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