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Friday, November 8, 2013

Looking for local clothing models for The Gits store

I am currently looking for local men and women (and anything in between) who would like to be apparel models for The Gits Online Store

 The images on the site are over a year old now, and with new merchandise debuting just in time for the's time to get some new pictures! If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and might be interested, please read the following:
  • This is not a paid gig. You will however be comped some swag and reimbursed for travel (depending on where you're coming from). 
  • I am looking for men and women the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Photos are done in a casual session out in public places. For example, our last shoots happened at the Castro in SF and in front of popular urban art. I am always open to location suggestions.
  • To get a jist of how your images will be used, check out the Gits store.
  • I will need people to model: black Gits shirts for men, black Gits shirts for women, white Gits shirts for men and women, pull over hoodies and zip hoodies. Messenger bags, and possibly one other item.
  • I have a pretty flexible schedule to work with, and will show you the photos before they go up on the site. You will essentially be wearing the merchandise and be your cool self. I am not looking for a certain body type, ultimately I'd like to have a diverse group of people. 
  • Check out these images of examples of the kind of photos I will be taking:

  •  Shoots usually take about an hour, including getting to the location once we meet up. 
  • If you would like your name mentioned in the image, such as "Model: Your Name" on the image itself. This is a great chance to get yourself out there and add something to your portfolio if you like. The goal is to do these photos before it gets too cold, windy and rainy. 
If you are interested and live locally, email me at so we can coordinate the make it happen! 

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