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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

YOU are your own Prince Charming

We've all heard the well meaning words "The right one will come along" especially after a painful break up. I know these friends or family members are well meaning, but they are giving fuel to a crippling misconception. Especially if you're a female raised in the United States, you were raised with the Disney mind set that a Prince will come rescue you from your life. From the time you are a baby yourself you are given baby dolls to pretend mother and eventually a Wedding Day Barbie and Ken. Basically from birth, societal norms are saying get girls prepared for marriage and motherhood.

 Even as a young girl I recall finding this disturbing. Quite frankly I wanted to build and play with girls AND boys toys. I often felt like I was being pressed like dough into a predetermined cookie mold, I fought against it (and rolled my eyes as I did). I felt like I was so much more than what my family thought I could be. I did however, feed into the Prince myth that I would one day me rescued by love. After many relationships, most of them pretty terrible, I am a jaded adult who now knows that's a bunch of crap.

 No one is ever going to rescue you, besides you. You are the only one who can control your destiny and happiness. The key in life is always work on yourself, love and know yourself. If love comes along, you'll be ready. One major thing I learned about love is that it is a shared experience. Love is a two way street, both parties mutually feel the same way about each other, and it's completely natural and un-forced. I remember hearing often in my teens that "when you meet the just know." I always hated that saying and found it incredibly vague.

 After experiencing it, I understood what that meant. I've realized I was the kind of kid who wanted logical worded answers for everything. One of the many lessons that I've learned is "Those who taste, know." Something's just can't be described or explained. I would describe love as that. But since the dawn of mankind, we've been trying to express how love feels through song. Not to mention, the loss of love. No one ever prepared me for losing love, just for expecting it.

  It is sold to a lot of us girls since birth that we are pretty much guaranteed to meet someone and fall in love one day. That simply isn't true. The fact is, you may meet your Prince charming, and you may NOT. Love is not a guarantee. Neither is happiness, but happiness is a lot easier to control for yourself. Continue to seek out the things you are interested in and passionate about---that will inflate your life with legitimate happiness. Guaranteed love is a myth, but love does happen all the time. When it happens, your guts will dance, if it never does...fine, you will be dancing anyway.

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