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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Exciting things to come in 2014

 At the end of the year we all reflect on the unfortunate and awesome things we went through. My life has been engulfed in music for a long time, and this year I was happily saturated in it. Almost 3 years out of Graphic Design school, I have my own business, logo which I designed, and the coolest clientele. I'm finally starting to have the life I dreamed about as a kid. I'm going to shows, learning about and getting to know my community, meeting like-minded people and connecting my business to others.

 In the past year I have continued to work with The Gits, running the online shop open for over a year now. Got to know Sammy Chong Salazar at MCL Screenworks who does all our Gits t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, patches and bags. I watched the birth of Emily Jayne's band "The Fashion Slaves" and watched her evolve throughout the year into a real rock star. I saw The Jean Genies incorporate even more Bowie into their act beautifully. I'm currently closing out the year by planning the 11 year anniversary party for Bite The Dust and I am incredibly excited! I am still finalizing the details and will set them free along with a flier soon. Fans out of the state of California and United States (or just those who can't make it) will be able to tune in on our live stream!

 In 2014, I look forward to doing more performances (drag and otherwise), stand up comedy, working with more bands and continuing to branch out more. In the past few years it was been a major goal of mine to solidify or legitimize I've turned it into on hell of a rock fan site but with more than that, services for musicians and editorials to read for young rock and roll fans, a Photo Gallery, Online Shop and a website dedicated to each of my projects. I want to do more this year and further my skills and abilities to help make that happen. Everything I have done and will continue to do will be all about rock and roll.

 This year I got even more networked with bands and did several projects for them this year. Everything from websites to fliers, and promoting to the glamours parts like getting backstage access at a show. I did the most interviews I've ever done this year, and have been on a writing spree (see my blogs). I've been shipping out orders all over the world and hearing on a nearly daily basis how important music is to them. I feel so grateful and happy to be shoulders deep in this world.

 This year we went through a lot together; The death of Lou Reed (Ray Manzarek, others), the release of David Bowie's new album, we encountered shady music people, the sudden loss of music loving friends, and so much more. In the past year I've have made more music minded friends and my music family continues to grow. If it makes any sense, my love for music and rock and roll only solidifies over time... and all of you over the past 11 years have been a giant part of that. YOU guys rock, thanks for being a part of the discussion and thanks for being a friend.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!! It was a rough year, but something tells me this next one's gonna be awesome!! Rock~On, Girl <3


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