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Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Chewbacca is my favorite Star Wars character

 I don't know why this is, but more often than not people question why Chewbacca is my favorite Star Wars character. As if to insinuate I have some fetish for hairy men, or I have a thing for Chewbacca. Assumptions like this have always amused me, and I've been a SW fan since I was a kid. You wouldn't believe all the crazy things I've heard and questions I've been asked over the years.

 Upon meeting another SW fan, they ask the other "Which is your favorite character?" (Or "What of the three original movies is your favorite?" New Hope, Empire, and Jedi). 

When I answer with "Chewbacca" I more often than not get "judgedy" comments, even from other Star Wars fans. I don't think it's because I'm a Chewbacca fan, but because I'm a female Chewbacca fan. 

And most folks seem to have the habit of giving everything a sexual meaning--even when there isn't one. I find this to be a funny phenomenon. Other fans act like it's some kind of anomaly that a female Chewie fan exists.

 Chewbacca is my favorite character because I view him as a bad-ass. He can rip arms out of sockets! He's like a loyal dog type humanoid, but the ultimate wing-man and co-pilot. I do not want to make hairy little babies with him. I've been saying this for years, and yet people still ask me to this day. Quite frankly, I had a thing for his buddy, Han Solo. I have a good laugh at these questions, because...really? Friends and folks around me have (I hope!) jokingly brought up the idea of watching Star Wars porn. I couldn't be more disinterested. Star Wars is sacred! I don't wanna see any of that it would be too weird. And more than twice someone tried to sweeten the pot by saying "They have a scene with a hairy guy whose supposed to be Chewbacca!" and I'm like "NOOOOOOO!" My mind is scarred, thanks guys.

 In addition, there seems to be this double standard in the geek world that female geeks are taken less seriously. Our fandom is accused of being less legit, and we often have to prove ourselves to a group of guys just so they know we're smart enough to hang. Just because I like Chewbacca doesn't mean I'm sexually attracted to him. That's an assumption that I wish would die. "What is it with chicks and Chewbacca?" I've heard before. My response was "Who are these girls? Where are they? I've been a fan for most of my life and I've rarely come across Chewie fans, period." 

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