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Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll

Work in progress
 I haven't blogged in a while due to two main things: really focusing on work and perpetual writer's block. I have also started dating again after a long self imposed hiatus. I'm happy to say that my business just keeps growing, and I'm learning leaps and bounds every week. I've had an explosion of work created and ordered through my guitar pick jewelry shop Rock Resurrection Art.

 I'm also plenty busy with the awesome bands and businesses I work with at this time of year. Such as the newly debuted site for The Hanging Garden. The past year of working and networking as really helped create a niche for a Muppet like me. The more I delve into music the happier I seem to be. I've been getting a lot of creative ideas and inspiration for my guitar pick art, and it has changed so much in the past year. This October my shop turned one. How cute.

 December I have an art show and some other pop-up events, including an open house, and vending with Steve at Acme.  My next art show, Krampusnacht Art Show Extravaganza will be on December 5th at Studio 24/10 in Santa Rosa. I'll be debuting some of the coolest, glitteriest, glow in the dark wearables for guys and girls.

 Be sure to check out my good friend Allison's internet mag that debuted this summer: REBEAT Magazine. I've been invited to write and contribute as part of the staff, but, see the first line in this entry. Hopefully soon I will get out of my writing funk. I'm hoping to do that by finally seeing the CBGB Movie, and a movie called "Alive Inside" a documentary demonstrating music's ability to combat memory loss. David Bowie has kept me surprised by releasing even more new tracks, so I'm hoping my writer's block in coming to an end. Although I've sucked at writing, I've done a good job keeping up on social media. So be sure to check out my Facebook page Rock & Roll Resurrection to join the constant rock n roll celebration.

Got this as a gift from a friend! :D

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