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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

12 years of

My "love project" reached a new milestone this Monday. It turned twelve. 

This year I didn't have a party, I kept it low key but sugar filled, having about 5 separate servings of ice cream drinks. This anniversary also marked a significant birthday, I turned 30. Before that, I spent almost a month solid "computerless" because my beloved laptop went kaput.

 That put a lot of things on hold, including web work and most definitely blogging. I had to "work" from my android tablet, which was like only having one functioning hand and only a coloring book to create from. Since getting back in the saddle, I've got plenty of work to keep me going after the holiday craziness ended.

I've been focusing mainly on the BTD facebook page (thankfully the site is all set up), posting rare pictures, rock birthdays, articles and blogs I've written that are rock related. Before my comp crashed I was fighting writer's block, despite the numerous music topics I could blah blah about. So now FINALLY I will be able to get writing again. If you haven't yet, be sure to 'like' my facebook page for updates. 

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