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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fleetwood Mac inspired tune from Ren & Stimpy

 The song called "Long Grey Mare" by early Fleetwood Mac came up on Pandora recently, and immediately caught my ear.

So hey, 90's kids, does this song sound familiar to you? 

Long Grey Mare

Ren & Stimpy ending credits

Because I totally hear the theme from the ending credits of Ren and Stimpy
After listening to them back to back...I can hear it big time! Ren and Stimpy's version is a little faster and funkier, but just like Long Grey Mare. I Googled this to see if there was any mention of the similarities there, or maybe the creator got inspiration from Fleetwood Mac. Either way, I couldn't find much anything about it. So here I am to point it out. The Ren and Stimpy ending song is by "Big House Blues."

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