Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: Solar Maximum's newest exploration of sound (Album Review)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Solar Maximum's newest exploration of sound (Album Review)

 Proving that provocative music still comes out of the Bay Area is the new experimental album by Solar Maximum. Solar Maximum's new work has a surrealistic, Eraserhead kind of feel. The music evokes a posterized imagery in black and white with the low-frequency sound. The bass is heavy and rich, and it has the sound of belonging in a David Lynch movie soundtrack. This theme carries over even to their music videos.

 "Soundtrack: event I uranian fire" brings together psychedelic rock and a gritty ambient sound that is easy to get lost in. "Uranian Fire" is music you listen to straight through. You can listen to it here on Soundcloud. It is also available to purchase on BandCamp and Amazon!

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