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Monday, May 23, 2016

How to grow a business

  A few years ago I officially started a business and created and trademarked a logo. This came after a decade of unknowingly planting the seeds by learning graphic and web design. In 2011 I graduated and was released into the world with enthusiasm in spades. Fast forward to now and boy have I learned a lot. Even still, I've got a lot to learn. Here are some of the things I've learned that are paramount when growing just about any small business. These are my notes that I've kept and accumulated.

Know your audience - It may sound obvious but it's any easy step to miss. Figure out who your people are, how much they usually spend and what they like (that you sell or do). Know what your "best sellers" are.

Become a good seller/sales person - Know your business inside and out and prepare for questions. Ask people what they like about it and what they'd like to see. In time the more sales you attempt the easier it becomes. Look for every opportunity.

Learn effective newsletter and site management - Learning the ins and outs of web development and newsletter management is super important for the DIY business owner. Make subscribing to your newsletter as easy as possible. Highlight the benefits of signing up and offer hints as to what is in your newsletter in the subject.

Study your competition, dive into Google Analytics - Look up your competition and Google yourself to see where you rank. Study what other people are doing and what they are not doing. Use it as a study tool but don't simply copy it. Google Analytics helps you measure how many site visits you get and all the details that come with it. Such as: How long their visit to your site was, what pages they visited and other useful information.

Learn social media networking and advertising - Advertising on social media is a pretty effective tool. It is affordable and has a good reach. First establish your social media accounts and stick to a consistent schedule of posts. Make sure that you not only post your work but links to other related stories. Example: I have a home grown jewelry line made from reclaimed material. I also like to post links about repurposing, recycling and biodegradable products. A big part of my business is about creating less waste and turning trash into art.

Be sure to use tags and keywords - This is exactly how people will find you, so make sure to have a page description with tags and keywords. Find more detailed info here.

Network with neighboring businesses, reach out to the community around you - Your local neighborhood and community is a great resource to help grown your business. This is how you build connections and find places to sell your product for instance. I also highly suggest learning about guerrilla marketing.

Other bits of helpful advice - "A clear path leads to quicker success", tell a story, create a focal point, reduce clutter and look for balance.

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