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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Music products from Shark Tank

Chord Buddy About a year ago I became a fan of the show Shark Tank. I also really like the show American Greed which both are often on CNBC. It was definitely the case of discovering the show at the right time. At that point I was driven to grow my business and solidify myself professionally. I knew I was at a point where I was doing all I knew how to do. It was time to up my game. Part of what motivated that growth in the past year was Shark Tank. I find Shark Tank educational and entertaining. It provided a lot of inspiration as I build my small business. 

 My favorite products were mostly music related ones. Those were obviously the ones I got most excited about and would invest in if I were a Shark entrepreneur. Check out all the music related inventions and products that have been featured on Shark Tank. 

Zine Pak - From retail to live events and every touchpoint in between, we’re laser-focused on
creating engaging products that activate SuperFans.

Mr. Poncho - Just slip your iPhone, iPod, or even your Zune into the pouch, and wrap your headphones around the easy-to-use holder in the front.

Chord Buddy - The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar Chords—Right at Your Fingertips
Play Guitar Quicker Than Ever…at Any Age!

Voyage Air GuitarVoyage Air Guitar - At Voyage Air Guitar we believe that every guitar player should be able to take their instrument anywhere - wherever there’s musical needs or inspiration. Bicycling. Hiking. Airline travel. An afternoon at the park. Alone on the beach, composing music to the sound of the wind and the waves. Or the simple joy of a sing-along, with good friends around a campfire.

OrigAudio - Inspired by a Chinese take-out box - foldable, easily compactable, and recyclable - the ‘origami of audio’ was born.

Taylor Robinson Music - The Taylor Robinson Music Company offers a unique and innovative approach to modern music training. Shying away from the conventional, solely academic methods of teaching, our students learn to play "from the heart".
Drum Pants - Make beats anywhere with wearable triggers! Dance, hip hop, rock, and other genre sounds included. Connects wirelessly or with USB. Supports MIDI.

EmazingLights - EmazingLights is pioneering the new Gloving Movement into a skillful expression of art. What began as a simple LED toy for music festivals has evolved to inspire a community of highly talented Light Show artists. Our Glovers constantly work to innovate and expand the art form because they are so inspired by its uniqueness - for many, Gloving opened doors to creative expression in ways they had never imagined before.

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