Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: My Journey through Pinterest Tutorials

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Journey through Pinterest Tutorials

The Good...

"Mini Magnet Pies" my absolute favorite and it was probably the most adorable. The bottle crap pies are so real looking too that my friends thought they were edible (LOL!)

"Blingy Coaster" was a fun one to do because of all the placing of the gems. The end result was really pretty. The only thing I'd note about this one is having various sizes of gems is important to get the gems to fit properly within the circle.

"Homemade Candle Tarts From Left Over Wax" This was fun and turned out nicely. I added dried lavender petals and they smell great! This was a great way to use left over wax from scented candles.

"CD/DVD Mosaic" worked well and was a fun one to do. You can really use your imagination on this one when it comes to laying out the pieces.

"Glowing Firefly Jar" worked pretty well. I applied glow in the dark paint in my small ball shapes on the inside and out. It looks awesome at night!

"DIY Glass Bead Candle holder" was a fun tutorial. The only tricky thing was balancing the glass holder when having the slippery glass beads drying on the sides of it.

"Vinyl Record Necklace" I did the same thing in terms of cutting a 45 in half and making it into a necklace. Not to toot my own horn, but mine ended up looking way better than the one pictured.

"Bottle Cap Earrings" was as cool one and bottle caps provide a great base for a ring, earrings, pendant, and more.

"Painted old LED candles" I came up with this idea when decorating for Halloween. I had old mini LED candles with dead batteries and wanted to do something with them. So I painted them with purple glitter on the base and several coats of glow in the dark paint on the flame part. I'm sure other people have done and thought of this, but I actually haven't been able to find a tutorial on pinterest for it. They looked pretty awesome in the end!

The Bad...

"DIY CD Coasters" don't make very good coasters because they are so light weight. I tried to weigh them down with cork and felt, but that didn't help.

"DIY Cork Stamps" didn't seem to evaporate ink very well. Trying to get a good stamp out of it seemed ineffective.

"CD Scratch Board" didn't work very well for me. Even though I was careful to apply a light consistent coat of black paint when I etched it it basically peeled off and looked sloppy. The lines aren't as clean as I was hoping for.

"Bracelet from a vinyl record" didn't work too well for me. It was hard to mold it even with gloves and a rolling pin. The chance to mold it is so brief that I found myself having to heat it up again and again.

The Ugly...

"DIY Melted Bead Crafts" This one was a hilarious learning lesson. If it isn't obvious already *do not to this in your oven inside your house*- It quickly gives off plastic fumes and sets off the smoke detector. The blame is on me because I didn't read the whole tutorial, which says you gotta do this outdoors, NOT indoors.

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