Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: Two Year Anniversary!

Saturday, September 10, 2016 Two Year Anniversary!

  2 years ago on August 20th I opened up my new domain for my guitar pick jewelry, Rock Resurrection Art. This also marks 3 years of making guitar pick jewelry. It has grown so much since then and in so many different directions. 

 Moving off of using other sites exclusively like Etsy was a good move to broaden my horizons. I first started with Etsy and as I grew I began to feel the restrictions that all shop platforms have. Don't get me wrong, Etsy is awesome. But if you want your hobby/business to grow you gotta get out of the "Etsy box."

 With my own domain for my expanding guitar pick jewelry came complete creative control. I was also able to do many things like have more control over shipping, related products and most importantly an integrated shopping cart. All my products are under one roof and not separated between Etsy, Square Up and others.

 I started with guitar pick jewelry, then candy jewelry but the ideas only began to pile up. A big part of development that I've always appreciated is getting feedback from customers. When you're 'small time' it's important to use as many resources as possible. Check out my Tips and Tricks for more helpful information!

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