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Friday, May 26, 2017

My Rock Book Collection

 Since my teenage years I have been accumulating rock n roll books from biographies to timelines and more. As a teenager I only liked to read rock books. Thankfully in my early college years I re-discovered books and really fell in love with them finally. The books I was introduced to in college were much more intriguing and I began to go to the school library. In my adulthood (after college) I visited the Oakland Public Library often and bought a lot of books online. Most of the books I get I end up donating to the local library but my rock books are some I simply wont part with.

I collect books on many subjects but my music books are my most cherished. They also represent some of my happiest memories. Recently I decided to start documenting my collections and making video slideshows of what I have on my shelves. I also wanted to talk a bit about some of them, hopefully going into more detail on my I liked them so much.

"I'm with the band" by Pamela Des Barres - This is a really honest and intriguing account from a groupie of the 60's and 70's who slept with many of rock and roll's biggest names.

Rock Book Collection "Elvis by The Presley's" is in my opinion the best candid behind the scenes quotes and memories from those closest to the King of Rock. 

"Touching from a distance" is a raw and inspiring story of Joy Division's Ian Curtis' wife Deborah perspective. 

"Ramones: The Complete Twisted History" is one of the best if not the best Ramones biographies I've read. This book also comes with great photos that I hadn't previously seen. One of the Joey Ramone photos I loved so much I got it tattooed on my back.

"I slept with Joey Ramone" is the quintessential Joey Ramone book written by his brother Mickey Leigh. Everything you could possibly want to know about Joey Ramone and his youth can be found in this book. 

"And the beat goes on" by Michael Campbell was a book I had to get for my Music History class. I quickly found out what a gem this book is...seriously the most through and comprehensive book on the evolution of rock and roll. 

"Rock and Pop Timeline""Dirty Blond" by Courtney Love and "Magnificent Vibration" by Rick Springfield are both signed books. I got to meet them both, chat for a sec and get their autograph in their book.

"The Story of Tommy" by Richard Barnes and Pete Townshend is a piece of cult classic literature gold. This book is full of colorful behind the scenes photos from the Tommy movie, writings by Pete Townshend about what inspired him to write Tommy, and even lyrics to the songs.

"Rock and Pop Timeline" by Johnny Black, Hugh Gregory, Andy Basire is a fantastic music timeline reference guide. It's a must for those just being introduced to music or are long time music fanatics. This book is info packed with lots of photos in a cohesive way with information about many music genres.

 Another book that is noteworthy and no longer a part of my collection (I think I lent it out) "Chelsea Horror Hotel" by Dee Dee Ramone might be the most entertaining biography I have read.This book goes in and out of reality in a classically Dee Dee kinda way. 

"Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of THE WHO" by Andrew Neill and Matthew Kent is the best Who book out there! Tons of large quality photos on every page of this timeline themed book. 

* If you have a question about any of these books, or like to talk about them, feel free to contact me -or- join in the conversation on my facebook page. I love talking about this stuff!

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