Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: A sneak peek at my rock toys & magazines

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A sneak peek at my rock toys & magazines

 I recently cataloged my rock music collections and turned them into mini videos. This one features my rock toys & magazines. My rock n roll themed toys are some of my favorite, a Joey Ramone action figure, a Joan Jett big rig, a Lego Yellow Submarine, a Monkee Mobile and more. Rock mags have been an inescapable and essential part of my rock music collections. They drew me into book store more often and got me to actually love reading. 

 Seeing rock stars on the cover is always exciting but certain ones make it necessary to buy. When rock stars die magazines become a literary time capsule displaying their work, influence and time period of death. I've found and held onto many interesting rock magazines, but the most important ones are the final people like David Bowie, Davy Jones, Lou Reed and George Harrison. 

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