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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Teen Magazines and "The New Monkees"

 When I entered high school I dropped contemporary boy bands. Yes I was once into the Backstreet Boys but my tastes matured. I started listening to the Beatles and the Monkees at that age. This quickly separated me from my peers who were listening to the music popular at that time. I was starting to figure myself out and I learned that I wasn't the typical teenager. From there I only delved more into rock and roll and rock history. When I find something I really like I want to know as much as I can about it. I started with digging through magazines and found a lot of old People magazines that were unwanted. People magazines from the 70's in particular were so interesting to me.
 Since I was a pre-teen I received teen magazine subscriptions from a relative. At first it was cool, but pretty quickly I started to look at them as hilarious. The advice columns in particular were pretty ridiculous. I couldn't relate to the girls in the magazines. And before long I was drawn to magazines about things I actually liked, such as Star Wars. Other then Star Wars Insider I found myself getting into music magazines. 

 However, sometimes I would come across something particularly interesting in the many publications I flipped through. Here is one about "The New Monkees" a failed TV show that I hadn't heard about before.

 I found these in an 80's People magazine and it intrigued me that this happened. However it looked really bad and like an obviously bad idea. Interestingly enough, the first episode can be found on youtube. I tried to watch it out of curiosity but couldn't even get through it. It is so dumb, wtf and frankly obnoxious. 

 One day when I get the latest teen magazine in the mail I'm pretty damn surprised to see N'Sync copying The Beatles album pose on the cover. The backlash came quickly from Beatles fans in the form of angry letters and I mostly agreed with them. I rarely felt the need to cut out and keep anything from a teen magazine, but I felt like this needed to be scrap booked.

I found these in a "YM" teen magazine from August 2001. I found the graph and the girls responses pretty great. 

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