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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

David Bowie inspired Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has revealed that she modelled her quirky image on Brit rock legend David Bowie. The pop superstar said that when she was growing up, she would spend hours trying to recreate Bowie's own distinctive look. "I used to like sit in my apartment for hours and do his make-up on myself over and over again," she said, adding that she still collects anything to do with the rock legend.

Gaga said, "What I have in common with David  Bowie and with Queen and with Prince and with Madonna is the way that I combine theatrics and the visual in all of my performance. The fashion and the imagery and what I am trying to say as an artist goes much further beyond the music".

She continues, "I don't like when bands compare themselves to artists from the past and try to mimic them and their music and it sounds like a copycat. The intention for me is not to sound just like Bowie or Madonna or Prince. It is to pull references from all of these different people and create something fresh and new and futuristic and pop and different."

She also said, "I do sing more like a guy than like a girl so all of those male references that I am pulling, you can hear it in my voice."

Lady Gaga was on the Howard Stern show yesterday and she directly stated that Pink Floyd, Queen and David Bowie were huge influences for her.


Anonymous said...

it's funny because pink floyd specifically tried not to draw the attention to THEMSELVES but more so their music and the meaning behind it....she comes off clueless i must say

Anonymous said...
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