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Thursday, January 26, 2012

David Bowie's Retirement

(The beautiful Bowie family in November 2011)

About a month ago I was talking about David Bowie's retirement, which is something I've been wondering for quite some time. Articles like this coming out around his birthday certainly fueled the speculation. Rolling Stone has also said it before. Obviously I always had the dream that I'd meet David Bowie, or at least get to see one of his shows. At this point in time, it doesn't look like that will ever happen. He hasn't toured since 2003 or performed since 2006. He stopped after he had heart issues and decided spending time with his family was a better idea.

What's he been doing with his time? 
            He draws, paints and collects 20th-century British art.


When I was starting college David Bowie released "Reality" and I was happy to know I still liked his work. I can honetsly say that I enjoy 98% of what David Bowie had made, especially music wise. I love his movies as well, see The Hunger, Labyrinth, The Prestige. I think I've been speaking more about Bowie's career in the last few years because I am getting antsy for his material in a post-Lady Gaga world. When I tell people on Facebook "Oh yea, you think this stuff is big? Wait 'till Bowie makes his come back" I'm starting to think it will never happen.

David Bowie's last television appearance. On a show with Ricky Gervais. I almost died laughing.

My heart sinks a little, but I'd rather have David alive and not touring. My friend asked "What if he were dead and touring?"
"I'd totally go"

So this part makes me think of that blog post I made about Amy Winehouse. How a lot of fans of musicians seem to love to watch the person they idolize party themselves into an early grave. This sort of "Dance Monkey Dance" attitude where the fans don't ever want you to stop touring, producing or creating. Even if it means the performers health declines, or they even die. As a person who idolizes rock stars like Gods I want them to live long and happy lives. Yes, even if it means they don't release anything. THAT'S A SACRIFICE I AM WILLING TO MAKE.

If David Bowie had died years ago when he had that chest pain I'd be sitting around here right now mourning his death. So I say, let the man rest. Even if it means I live in a Lady Gaga dominated world with this nagging thought in my mind "Born this way? Bah! Bowie created you."

David Bowie's biographer claims he is most likely retired, though Bowie hasn't made an formal announcement. Bowie has retired before, in 1973 after he "killed" Ziggy Stardust. So, there might be hope? I liked his quote about it "My heart says he'll come back. But my head says he's likely not to. I think he would only come back if he thinks he could deliver something that will be seismic. If you pop back into the stage, it's got to be something that has a big explosion and lots of flashes. It would be a bit of a miracle if he comes back, but miracles do happen," argues Paul Trynka, author of a well-received Bowie biography, Starman, published last year.  “He has consciously dropped out of sight,”  he adds. “For someone so consistently vain and self-obsessed, the heart attack – the realisation of his mortality – came as a massive psychological blow. But he is someone who has always had an understanding of how to manipulate the media and he saw the dramatic potential of a disappearance in a very Hollywood way. It became a kind of Houdini disappearing act. The fact that it has gone unstated [Bowie has made no formal announcement of retirement] makes it even more mysterious.” I'm with him on that. It doesn't seem likely, but boy do I hope I'm wrong.

Update: (09/09/12) To add more fuel to the fire that Bowie has retired: David Bowie was reportedly asked to perform ‘Heroes’ at the closing ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics, but turned it down, appearing instead only via old photos on the stadium’s video screens as a piped-in medley of his most famous songs played.

There is a David Bowie exhibition with his costumes and career memorabilia at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  He recently responded to an erroneous report in the Guardian that he would be the co-curator of the show, he took to Facebook to deny any direct involvement. “Contrary to recently published reports relating to the announcement by the V&A of an upcoming David Bowie Exhibition,” he stated, “I am not a co-curator and did not participate in any decisions relating to the exhibition.”

Dear Lord God Bowie, 
I respect your choice to stay home with your family given the issues you came up against. Real fans of you are most interested in your happiness. But if you ever choose to tour again, I will be there. Apparently the last person you sang with was Alicia Keys and I know we can do better than that.
Please Live Forever,


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Ashley said...

Exactly! I'd rather my favorite artists retire with grace, than burn out and fade away. Good for him!

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