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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Ziggy Stardust" & "Low"

In the month of January, two of the most phenomenal David Bowie albums were released or recorded.  Not the same year, but both in the month of January.

Those albums also happen to be my personal favorite's; "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" and "Low."

The album "Ziggy Stardust" for short (the official name is above) was recorded between September of 1971 and late January of 1972. Ziggy Stardust was the first album I ever bought. I didn't have a record player but I knew I would own one someday. I bought at least a dozen record before I was able to afford and obtain a record player. Ziggy Stardust was also given to me as a a CD from a  family friend on my 17th birthday. This person won a permanent place in my heart. The album blew my mind. every time I heard it. As a teen I wanted records and all these things that I couldn't get because I was a and had no job. That changed. I now I have a lot of records and other awesome things. "Rock and roll suicide" became my theme song as a teen. I was new to playing drums at the time and wanted to learn the drum beats for "Five Years."
The Ziggy Stardust album was essentially the debut of Ziggy Stardust the character, and if you don't know who and what Ziggy Stardust is, I'm about to make things a whole lot more confusing. The song "Oh you pretty things" also captured my attention. 

The album was "Low" was released on January 14th 1977. It was originally supposed to be the soundtrack for the soon to be released "The Man who fell to Earth." Low is one of the earliest "electronic music" or "ambient" music albums. This was at a time when the synthesizer was was a new concept in music. Roxy Music's Brian Eno helped conceptualize the album, but did not produce it as most assume. This is another David Bowie album that just blew my mind. Apparently this album was a huge influence to bands like Kraftwerk and Nine Inch Nails, which makes since. While it doesn't sound like either it was unarguably ahead of it's time. It got mixed reviews, and as far as typical David Bowie work...I wouldn't describe this as such. This album recieved divided reviews (a B+) and has only gotten more appreciation and acclaim with time. 

Joy Divison's Ian Curtis loved David Bowie and modeled his first band "Warsaw" in reference to the song "Warsazwa" off of Low. They show that also in the movie "Control" about Ian Curtis the band's lead singer. I would describe the music on this album as "modern, ambient and dancey." It ranges from dancable songs to tunes that maybe you'd prefer to sit down with a bong to. I'd love to have this album, but I haven't got it yet. "Always crashing in the same car" track 5 is my favorite song. 

Both of these albums became soundtracks to my life at certain points is time. And both are definitely two of my favorite albums of all time.  

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