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Monday, April 23, 2012

"Rock and roll is the answer" single

I ended Record Store Day (last Saturday) empty handed and was unable to get a copy of Joey's new single as I had hoped. Well, after calling around a bit for the weekend I finally found a copy! Amoeba Music in Berkeley had 2 copies left and held one for me. I had just called Rasputin where they informed me that these records just came out on record store day and there is apparently limited copies. I tried Amoeba next, thankfully they had just opened. The guy made it sound first come first serve on the phone and that they didn't do holds, when suddenly I blurted "I'M A HUGE JOEY RAMONE FAN--" and went off on how much it would mean to me to have this 45. He asked me for my name and saved me a copy. What a cool guy. I went down there right away and bought it. $6.98 is the selling price, average asking price on the internet: $20.00. So I skipped gleefully home with my record in my record store bag as planned. Took some good pictures and scans of it. It is a really pretty red see through vinyl! Oooh aahhh. 

Here's a video of the single being manufactured and packaged, ready to be sent

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