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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Monkees Tour 2012: Too little too late

My first Monkees concert was in August of 2001, around 11 years ago. I won a pair of concert tickets off an oldies radio station. The only thing that ever bummed me out about any of that experience was the fact that the four of them weren't together. If it had been up to me, I'd have been around in the 60's and got to see them when Jimi Hendrix opened for them, but sadly, my mother was barely alive. I really wanted to see Davy, Micky, Peter AND Mike.

Ever since I was a kid I heard rumors wool hat (Mike Nesmith) was rich. His mom invented white out and he played a big role in the founding of MTV (among other things). He had no need to tour unless he decided to indulge Monkees fans with his presence. Mike left the group in 1970, allegedly leaving the group because their last tour wasn't successful. The Monkees, Davy, Micky and Peter got back together in the 80's...Mike joined only briefly (once the tour took off). The Monkees toured in the 90's without Mike. Then by everyone's surprise, he joined the already successful Monkees tour for a brief time, which not long after...he quit. Following the UK tour, he declined to continue after having faced harsh criticism from the British music press for his "deteriorating musicianship". See a theme here?

Fast forward to leap year, 2012. We lost our favorite British short stack and it took everyone by surprise. After his death there were a lot of Monkees interviews, including a really awkward one with Peter Tork on the Rachel Maddow Show. Davy's death hit me pretty hard because of course...he is my favorite Monkee.

Days ago Mike Nesmith breaks the news that he is now deciding to join the Monkees on tour. I guess he was pretty busy for the past 15 years, being so and busy? I heard he almost went blind and had major surgery. I also heard the guy went through a divorce. Both are not doubt expensive troublesome issues that could prevent one from touring. But, for the past 15 years he never felt like joining the tour until Davy died. Monkees fans are calling this "A tour for Davy." I'm calling it "A tour for Dough." Monkees fans have been quick to bring up the fact that "He's a multi-millionaire, he's not doing this tour for the money." Yes, I highly doubt this will be a golden parachute tour. But it does sound like he is trying to make this more about him. Perhaps trying to become famous again and ride the wave of Davy's death? When rock stars die their music gets a new surge in popularity. My guess is Mike wants to ride the wave. He also has his own tour coming up. Fans are also assuming this will be a tour for Davy. No Monkee has said anything to that affect. I'm sure they will be paying tribute to him in a couple of numbers. But how is that paying tribute to him? I'm sure he'd appreciate carrots for his horses a lot more. The tour fliers speak nothing of this.

I'm irritated that after many offers and numerous opportunities, he finally decides to join the tour again after the main guy in the band dies. According to Monkee rumors Davy and Mike didn't get a long, so this is hardly a "Tour for Davy." Mike is probably re-interested in the Monkees because Davy ISN'T there anymore. Did that ever occur to anyone? That isn't much a of a reason to celebrate. Even in this new Rolling Stone interview, Mike doesn't mention they will be paying respect to Davy. Peter Tork even said "I don't know whether we could structure something without Davy. I had a couple of thoughts, but I don't know if they're workable." I appreciate Mike as a Monkee, but I see him as only out for himself. Another thing that irritates me is he's having his son step in to play guitar. Is this really about Davy?

To me it feels like too little too late.

I might be interested in seeing one of these shows, but none of them are in the Northern California area.

11/8 Escondido, CA - California Center for the Arts
11/9 Santa Barbara, CA - The Arlington Theatre
11/10 Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre
11/11 Cupertino, CA - Flint Center for the Performing Arts
11/15 Minneapolis, MN - State Theatre
11/16 Chicago, IL - The Chicago Theatre
11/17 Cleveland, OH - Lakewood Civic Auditorium
11/18 Buffalo, NY - The Center For The Arts
11/29 Philadelphia, PA - Keswick Theatre
11/30 New Brunswick, NJ - State Theatre Regional Arts Center
12/1 Huntington, NY - The Paramount
12/2 New York, NY - The Beacon Theatre

(UPDATE: 06/01/14) My dear friend Allison wrote a blog that got me to re-think my stance on the issue.
5 Reasons Why This Monkees Tour Matters <---this h3="" here.="" read.="" right="">

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