Firefly Pointer Fiberglass Jacket: I've officially become "Becca Jones-Starr"!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I've officially become "Becca Jones-Starr"!

It's official! I've finally legally changed my name to Becca Jones-Starr! 

I've been going by this name since the age of 15 when I discovered and fell in love with rock n' roll. It was a long court process, but it's finally done and legit. My former name was bland and generic in my humble opinion. It feels good to have a name I like and have chosen for myself. Special thanks to Jack St.Jack for helping me with the process. The judge hearing my name change case was very friendly and the court system in Alameda County has been very helpful. On April 12th after my court hearing we had a little party as my "second" / "new" birthday.

Davy Jones and Ringo Starr buttons I wore to court.

"Made in the shade" Rolling Stones tie I also wore to court.

Where did the idea for this name come from? 

From my recently updated bio section: "[She] created the name "Becca Jones-Starr" after "the two people she would take to the prom"; Davy Jones and Ringo Starr. "My favorite guys were Ringo and Davy, they were also the ones that guided me into the rock and roll world. My first concert was The Monkees and I was serenaded to by Davy Jones. That set up this hungry rock and roll-loving precedent of going to live concerts and meeting famous people. My second show was Ringo Starr, after that I knew who I was and who I wanted to be." she explains. "I knew in order to create my own identity, I had to change my name. I liked the sound of 'Jones Starr' because it sounded like 'lone star' which I always felt like I always did my own thing." she continues "I've been going by that name since the age of 15." 

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