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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Who will save Rock N Roll? BITE-THE-DUST.COM

Lately I've been on a grass roots inspired kick to promote and reach out to more like minded people. I was hugely influenced by "Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles" documentary. I'm lucky enough to live in a culturally rich area, and take for granted all the art, graffiti and words that are around me. We live in a world with so many signs, I don't blame people for for missing something that's right in front of them.

An example of a Toynbee Tile

It opened up my eyes that there were amazing cryptic messages around me. A friend of mine wanted to make her own tiles and do something similar to the Toynbee Tiles. I too was inspired, but decided to take another more affordable route. After doing some research on good old' Google, I found out the art of "sticker bombing" and started to notice more and more of them. I have also started to document them and remember where they are located (much like in the Justin Duerr documentary). This was a new interesting thing for me, I felt like I was literally learning the language of the culture around me. Read about "Sticker Bombing."

Sticker making is much more affordable and easier to do than tiles. Some would consider it graffiti but posting written word in a taped fashion is considered free speech. It is only graffiti if it is written directly on or permanently placed, which mine are not. Vandalizing is destroying, and I am doing nothing of the sort. Usually they are alongside existing fliers on light posts with simple removable tape in area with high foot traffic. Sometimes I set them up in a "take one" fashion around bus stops. You can draw/write on them or print them to sticker paper, usually USPS stickers because they are sturdy and easy to come by. I found that obviously (and just like in the Toynbee Tile documentary) it was easier to do this at night. No one is around, and you have an easy clutter free walk down the street. People wake up to your message, and you receive feedback. My favorite part by far about learning about the Toynbee Tiles was that it taught me to appreciate my surroundings. I thought, "What is my message?" I always go right to the Dictator's song "Who will save rock and roll", and think, as cocky as it might is my mission to preserve or even resurrect rock and roll.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles

Although I am Atheist, I'm pretty evangelical in my fandom of rock and roll. I'm not out to change people, I'm out to find my people...the other folks out here in the world whose life changed when they heard rock and roll. Those are the people I want to find. Check out the last blog Spread the word for info on how to get free stickers and business cards to help resurrect rock and roll. If you are a rock and roll fan, and you enjoy my website, my mission is solely to connect with more rock and roll fans. I'm trying to be a hub for rock and roll fans, especially here in Northern California. Or if I can turn a once One Direction fan on to David Bowie, I would consider myself a success. I was once a Backstreet Boy lover until I was turned on to Queen and Bowie. That changed my life, and I can dream. Thankfully, there are a lot of people who believe in me. Actually, they believe in rock and roll. Music changes lives, saves broken people, gives them strength. I believe in that.

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