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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bone Bash 2013!

Becca and her BFF in front of the concert billboard

One of the most awesome by products of making new music friends is being able to tag along on a concert adventure. I was lucky enough to be invited along to this year's Bone Bash 2013 on June 23rd! It all happened basically at the last minute, we drove down to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. We had VIP Access which was my first time ever experiencing. It was a trip, VIP parking, line, bar, section, I had no idea it could be so fancy. Every time I've been to a concert before I had a good seat...but that was it. This was a real treat, and honestly a real last minute surprise.

The concert included Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Stone Cherry, and Night Ranger. We had a meet and greet with Night Ranger! So many surprises that night I had no idea what was going to happen. It was a MUCH needed dose of live music. So we met Night Ranger, and got all these neat concert goodies like a poster, signed CD and guitar picks. We got a picture with them!

My friends & I with Night Ranger  I'm 2nd from the left 

We hit up the bar, got ourselves and cold beer and took a seat. Wow, we had really close up seats! Black Stone Cherry hit the stage first. They had a bluesy vibe, strong guitar and vocals. Though I hadn't heard of them until that night, I enjoyed their vibe. Next was Night Ranger, which were a ton of fun. Once "Sister Christian" began everyone finally joined in on singing. Every body knew that song! And the entire audience was standing up and singing loudly. Since the show had a great variety of bands, there was an interesting concert audience that was just as varying. You could easily spot the Southern Rock guys, big buff men in bike jackets and tattoos. The Night Ranger fans were obvious too, mostly consisting of tan blonds wearing tank top who love to dance and scream.

It was a ton of fun! Between each band I was chatting it up with people around my area. I heard neat stories and was asked a lot of good questions. One question I was asked and get asked sometimes is "What do you think of music today?" my response is "It lacks sincerity, but there are some bands that really bring it." This is when I might plug The Black Keys, Interpol, The Black Angels, etc. I also saw a lot of teenagers at their first concert. Just sitting around me was two pairs of father and sons. It sure seemed like (although I can't be sure) it was their first concert. They looked young, and they had that look. I know that look. That is a look of total joy and excitement when you are at a concert. You listened to them for years and now they are in front of you. I get it. Therefore I feel like I can spot it. 

It made me feel warm and fuzzy, because not only did them seem like they were taking their sons to their first ever concert, but they were actually bonding and getting along. I saw lots of hugs and genuine smiles, and that made me feel good. I was engulfed with what felt like rock's loving embrace, and it was awesome. Things got heavy when Lynyrd Skynyrd hit the stage. They had a screen behind them showing the American flag and showing Ronnie Van Zant's name. They did a tribute to the troops with "Simple Man" and I found myself yelling the words. That's a pretty amazing song. They came back on for an encore and played the obligatory "Free Bird." The whole time I was thinking "Do I want to be the cliche douche bag and yell 'Free Bird'?" During "Free Bird" a young blond girl ran on stage and did a flip. I thought it was apart of the show until a security guard escorted her off. You go girl!

Bad Company was the headliner. The stage was set up for them with lots of cool lights and Bad Company signs. I was singing out loud and moving around to just about all of their songs. I got really excited when I realized Paul Rodgers toured with Queen for a while. This was a few years ago with the other members and he sang with them. While he isn't Freddie Mercury (and no one else can be) he is an amazing showmen. He through his mic stand way up in the air spinning down and caught it. He rocked the piano, he ran around the stage with true passion and energy.

Paul Rodgers, just like John Van Zant made a huge mention of how alive rock and roll was. This got with screaming and clapping loud, because I agree! I thought to myself  "Anyone who thinks rock and roll is dead hasn't been to a concert lately." Concerts often feel like what I would have for a religious experience. I always feel connected to the artist and the audience members during a live show. Like for that one moment we're all getting along. This concert didn't have the usual hecklers I encounter at concerts. Everybody was nice and getting a long. After the show, we were concert high and exhausted from singing and dancing.

Concert goodies! Ticket, signatures, passes, & t-shirt.

We closed off the night we with being given a Bad Company t-shirt and signed tour book. Just have to thank my music loving friend Richard for this experience. What a cool guy, and he interns at 107.7 The Bone here in the Bay Area! I don't listen to terrestrial radio much anymore, but I can appreciate the hell out of a good rock show. The whole line up was solid. I slept like a log that night, singing a cross between "Sister Christian", "Simple Man" and "Bad Company." It was an interesting night. 

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