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Sunday, October 20, 2013

New site for acoustic guitarist Jack Cutter!

 Since the launch of Becca Jones-Starr's Band Promotion, I have connected with many new artists in the area. One of them was guitarist Jack Cutter, who needed his website spruced up. I also hooked him into social networking sites, shared his music, event schedule and created a press kit. I love getting to make a website from the ground up. I can go any direction I like as long as the client enjoys it too. Jack seemed to enjoy art nouveau design elements which I also am a fan of. We both understood that we were going for almost a "whimsical" feel for the website.

 Jack Cutter is just the kind of person I like the work with, which is why I have my business catered towards musicians and other artists. With musicians there always seems to be a mutual appreciation and respect. I may not be a working musician myself, but I have passion about promoting music that has heart and soul. Jack Cutter performs Folk, Rock, Country Blues, and Classical Acoustic Guitar. If you listen to just a few seconds of any of his posted tracks you will get that he is an accomplished guitarist that has earned his chops. Jack currently performs instrumental finger-style guitar for events and Bay Area venues.

 You might be able to find Jack Cutter playing guitar at a local Bart station or a dimly lit restaurant in San Francisco. It's definitely the kind of music that takes you on a journey, and stands out against the sounds of the city.

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