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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The End of Zune

 Let me start off by saying I am well aware I am one of the very few people who have and use a Microsoft Zune. That's why I think it's important to write this blog. I am a graphic designer and web developer, I grew up with computers, I know Mac, PC and more. But I make it pretty clear to those I know and work with that I strongly prefer Microsoft and PCs. More specifically I hate Apple. And even more than that, I believe when you buy a product you should do your research and buy what's best for you and not simply buy into the hype. That being said, I did my research when it came time to purchase an MP3 player. I first bought my Zune in 2005 and then an HD one 3 years later. I still use the Zune HD.

 Sometime in the last year or so, I received a letter and read an article about the fact that Zune is ending and they wont be making the devices anymore. This was not fun news for me. Music is my life, and my MP3 player feels like my life support. I often begin to freak out when the battery starts dying which I rarely let happen. I had my Zune HD when I heard the news which was still in great shape and has many capabilities and qualities that iPods don't. Just yesterday I read the news that the Zune Marketplace is going away for...evv...errrrr. This REALLY sucks, because I was enjoying the system Zune used with paying to essentially 'borrow' music. I am about to lose a large portion of my music collection.

 I get it, Zune lost the popularity contest. For years I've been getting made fun of for having a Zune. I was once robbed while walking home from a friends house...they didn't take my purse but they did steal my Zune. As soon as they saw that it wasn't an iPod and they dumbly didn't know how to use it, they through it back at me which I gladly and upsetly caught. It's actually worked to my favor more than you'd believe to have a Zune. Nobody knows what it is therefore they don't want it. That's fine with me!

 I love the Zune device and marketplace. I love how the Zune is better quality (it came out in HD before iPod's ever did) and more affordable than it's foe. I like that you can do more on it, it is more customizable, and the whole marketplace system is really diverse musically and cheap. Zune has colors and shows images of the band in an artistic manner as the track is playing. You can watch videos, get on the internet, listen to radio, podcasts and just plain have more options and is the way of Microsoft products and NOT Apple. Hello expensive exclusivity and limitations!

 Goodbye Zune, I enjoyed the hell out of you. And to the 5 other people I've ever heard of or known who have a Zune, I salute you good people. Now it is time to look into a new MP3 player and system to adopt, but I do know one thing for sure....I am never, ever buying an iPod.

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