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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rockin in America at the fair with Night Ranger!

The weekend of July 5th and 6th 2014 was an epic weekend of back to back concerts at the Marin County Fair. I didn't plan this on just happened that way. A friend for the past few years who works at 107 the Bone generously invited me along. Last year he hooked me and a mutual friend up to "Bone Bash 2013" with Night Ranger, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bad Company. We had epic seats and a meet and greet with Night Ranger. This year I didn't catch them at Bone Bash, but at the fair. When my friend invited me out again I was like "Hell yeah" and THIS time I'm going to get a better picture.   

 I often joke that I am not photogenic and I accidentally make weird faces in photos. This especially bugs me when I'm meeting a band, because I forever have to look at myself being a doofus. July 5th we headed to the fair for my day one of concert madness. After a little confusion we finally found where to get our VIP passes, which wasn't at "will call" but "guest services". Much like the time before, we were surrounded by women in their 40's and 50's who were transporting back to their fan girl days. It was awesome, and it's always rad to see people getting excited about music and sharing memories. We hung out together until they escorted us back stage and we formed a small line. 
 After a few minutes the handsome lads walked down the stairs whistling a tune, including my involuntary crush Joel Hoekstra. Ever since I saw him at the last show I was like "ooh he's pretty." Are you shocked when I tell you I have a thing for long haired rocker guys? Anyways, once it got to me in the line I went out and said hello to the guy. I asked the group if they could sign my BTD logo and offered up a sharpie. Another two of the dudes including Jack Blades wiped out a marker to sign, so it nearly became a free for all of Night Ranger autographing my sign. It almost felt like I had just got a new year book and all my friends were signing. 

 We took the picture and Jack Blades noticed my sign "What does your sign say?" he asked me. Before I could respond he joked "These guys suck." I was like "No, it says 'long live rock'" and he liked that. That is the moment you are seeing in the picture of us below. Apparently they remembered me from the last time, which surprised me (cause I know rock stars meet *so many* people) but hey..that's cool! After letting Jack Blades know what the sign said, I turned around and said to the guys "I may be a jerk but I'm not THAT big of an asshole." in a joking way and that made the whole group of guys laugh. Have I mentioned how great it feels to make people laugh?

Me with Night Ranger!

I got a better picture this time, yay (lol).

After words some roadies gave us some goodies,
 a signed CD and Night Ranger buttons!

This Night Ranger show was even better than the last. After we found our seats and a beer on this scorching hot day, it was time to enjoy the show. We were right up front just like before and thankfully in the shade. At one point the Drummer (Kelly) through a drum stick RIGHT my way, but I could tell it was going to turn into a shut storm when I had the stick and some full grown man pulled it right out of my hand. I was upset, but it wasn't worth letting it ruin my time at all. Jack Blades explained at this show that the band are Bay Area natives and that "Sister Christian" was filmed at San Rafael High School. Joel (the long haired guitarist) smiles the entire time he's on stage. I feel like I don't see that much at live show. I'm not meaning to imply they are unhappy or look mad, but they often have serious or "constipated" looking faces while they are rocking out. Joel has a genuine smile from ear to ear like a kid in a epic playground on a stage with an audience.  

 A special thank you to the friends I have made who make awesome things like this possible. I often think of myself as a kid and adult me telling myself what I get to see and do when I grow up. Going to shows, meeting musicians and other music fans is really what lights up my life.

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