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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"David Bowie is" documentary in Berkeley

  Yesterday at nearly the last minute I found out about a documentary being played on "David Bowie day" which is also the launch of the "David Bowie is" exhibit in Chicago. Never before have I wanted to be in Chicago so badly. How great it would be to be in a city celebrating David Bowie day. I wished that I could teleport to Chicago and join the Bowie fans.

 So instead I did the next best thing, joining local Bowie fans at the Shattuck Cinemas for a showing of the "David Bowie is" documentary. I got there early with my pre-bought ticket to find other Bowie t-shirt clad folks started showing up. I think I was blushing with a huge grin because I was so happy to be around other people in Bowie shirts. By the way, if you were going to make a drinking game out of how many times I say "Bowie" in this post you'd already be trashed.

 I tried to get a group picture of all these fans in their gear...but no one wanted to be photographed for some inexplicable reason. However, I did get one fan pic with a nice lady named Kiem whose been a Bowie fan longer than I've been alive. They ended up having two theaters playing it because one sold out earlier. The documentary detailed each costume and story in parts of the exhibit. If I had been in the museum in person I wouldn't have gotten as much of what was there as I did through the movie.

 Last night when my head hit the pillow I had non-stop interstellar David Bowie dreams which was pretty fantastic. I already want to see it again and buy it so I can geek out in the privacy of RNRHQ.  The way it was filmed was a treat to the eyes pairing with David Bowie's epic music. The camera went through the exhibit with the museum goers frozen in time as the audience pans from display to display. It was so fantastic I'm kinda of at a loss of words how to explain it. It's invaluable to me to get to learn more about one of my heroes. If you live in the Chicago area and love Bowie, you MUST go to this exhibit there's no way on EARTH you'd regret it! 

 Check out this Bowie flash mob in Chicago yesterday!

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