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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Favorite "twisted" Music Videos

 Being born not long after the invention of MTV, I actually grew up watching the evolution of music videos. Over time I became obsessed with music videos; they fulfilled both my love of music and
"Black Hole Sun" music video
film. My fascination with films turned into an obsession with music videos. I loved them.

 I loved watching them on VH1 and old MTV (ya know, when they used to play music videos). It was a short movie telling a story to music and I loved that idea. My new life goal wasn't just to make films, but be a music video director!

 Music videos have been influential to me since an early age and helped shape my creative mind. Even though I love many music videos, I have a special place in my heart for the twisted music videos that intrigued me.

 I love how far music videos have come, and I love seeing them change and get better with the times. They started out so simplistically in the 80's, showing the band performing or pointlessly wandering.  Now they are used in a much more meaningful way, used to convey images, ideas, another world.

 My first vivid music video memory is seeing Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" and being disturbed by the barbecued Barbie. But...disturbed in a fascinated way. This was when it all began...watching something over and over to try and understand it. The music video became less scary and even more profound each time. The video disturbed me...but I liked it. This was a new concept to me. I really liked the twisted people and their surreal expressions. The music video is filled with interesting symbols and an apocalyptic ending.

 In the late 90's came Marilyn Manson and his gender fucking image. It was difficult to not be intrigued by Marilyn Manson and his visually interesting music videos. At this point MM was gaining popularity and debuting edgy music videos. "Dope Show" is filled with scary figures, androgynous bodies, gender bending and glam rock imagery. This music video awakened my inner macabre sexuality and gender bending rock star.

David Bowie - Little Wonder

 In the early 2000's I got the "Best of Bowie" DVD that has a bunch (but not all) of David Bowie's music videos. Many of the videos I saw on this DVD were new to me and I watched it ritualistically almost every day. This was before Youtube, so this was a welcome edition to my music video collection. I love how visually interesting and macabre the music video is.

Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug

 Nine Inch Nails was another band that scared me at first. I was scared but in an interested kind of way. By this time I was definitely learning about my "dark side" my love of fucked up movies (like Eraserhead) and music. When "Perfect Drug" came out it was a surprise marriage between both Trent Reznor of NIN and director David Lynch. I was only recently exposed to David Lynch's work so the timing was perfect. A band I was fascinated with and a director I was equally fascinated with. 

 Not long after discovering NIN, I discovered Tool. Before long found myself entranced by watching their music videos. They were dark and scary, but like nothing I had ever seen before. This music video takes you to another world with different creatures, what their insides look like and what comes out of them. 

 During my first year in college I began having my lunch in the school's cafeteria area. They had TVs in every corner playing a constant loop of something I'd never heard until then; "MTV U." They played constant music videos which no one does anymore. I quickly found myself spending time in the cafeteria glued to the TV screens between classes. All of the music was contemporary, but the music was great and the music videos equally impressive. This was when I was introduced to Interpol which is now one of my favorite bands. This music video features a human-like puppet who gets in a car accident as is taken to the emergency room...where he loses it.

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