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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What's been up with Bowie? New album and more...

Here are all the David Bowie updates you need to get caught up!

"Blackstar" album billboard with album release date

New music videos and teasers
The song and video from "Blackstar" Bowie's next album have been released.

New "Lazarus" song teaser . Full song will be released on December 17th. This is the second song released from "Blackstar."

New music out and more on the way
"Blackstar" Bowie's next album will be released January 8th 2016. Below is the track listing courtesy of  Wikipedia. The "Lazarus" single will be released on Friday December 18th.

Track listing

1."Blackstar"  9:57
2."'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore"  4:52
3."Lazarus"  6:22
4."Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)"  4:40
5."Girl Loves Me"  
6."Dollar Days"  
7."I Can't Give Everything Away"  
Digital download bonus track
8."Blackstar" (video)9:59

"Lazarus" play

"After dazzling in Hedwig & The Angry Inch last year, Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall returns to the stage in yet another marquee production. Playing at the New York Theatre Workshop from this December, Lazarus is co-written by David Bowie and Tony-winner Enda Walsh (Once), and will include both re-worked material from Bowie's iconic catalog alongside brand new music. Director Ivo van Hove (A View from the Bridge) has said that the new compositions sound like "classics".

Lazarus is based on the classic sci-fi novel The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis. Bowie himself played the lead role in Nicolas Roeg's 1976 movie adaptation, starring as a hollow-eyed humanoid alien (this was during Bowie's Thin White Duke phase) who comes to the earth in search of water for his drought-ridden home planet.

While Lazarus marks Bowie's first time scoring a stage show, he's no stranger to the world of theatre. His 1979 performance in the Tony-winning The Elephant Man drew rapturous responses from the critics, while of course his myriad musical personas have all had a strong theatrical streak." [Source: The New York City Theater]

Bonus Bowie

What Bowie looks like these days. Here he is at one of the "Lazarus" previews.

These street stencil's with the Blackstar release date have been spotted in the USA.

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