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Emeryville, California

Rock and Roll Headquarters (RNRHQ) is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in a city I didn't even know existed until 3 years ago. Emeryville is a pretty cool place to live. I feel like it is the Bay Area's best kept secret. Let me tell you about Emeryville...

Emeryville is located between Oakland and Berkeley, it is only a square mile of city right by the water.  Emeryville is filled with condos are warehouses, many of them becoming art galleries, coffee shops, and just about anything you can imagine. I was told Emeryville used to be a lot like Oakland, which is notorious for it's high homicide rate. But I guess the small area that was E-Ville got bought out and gentrified. Some people call it "Up and coming."

Probably the thing Emeryville is most known for is a little company called Pixar. Pixar is not too far from my house. I like to pass by it and have a day dream where I work there and I get to meet Wall-e and do all this cool stuff. Someday! The Pixar building, which is expanding monthly I swear, is a pretty cool looking place. I feel kind of like I live by Disneyland or something.

All the Pixar people eat at and hang out at this really cool Emeryville restaurant just across the street. Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe is a cool place to go. The walls are covered with off beat Barbies and barrels of monkeys. Not to mention the food is great and decently priced. They serve beer! They are open late! The waiters are hot! Oh and if it is any note to you, the member of Green Day owns this place.

Just across the way from both Pixar and Rudy's is our beautiful city hall. A large part of it is glass and the building is surrounded by palm trees.

Another cool part of Emeryville is the public transportation. In this city, IT IS FREE. Emery go round, the bus system that travels through Emeryville is free. It's a nicer bus than the other public transportation, there is wifi, TV screens and music. I use the Emery go round on week days to get around the area. It even takes me to BART.  In Emeryville everything is close or easy to get to. Emeryville has a few art schools and plenty of shopping and food. Oh and two movie theaters, one of which is IMAX 3D.

Emeryville also has a Folkmanis Puppet store. Folkmanis is a well know puppet maker, and if you take a look at the tag of any of the quality puppets at a store they are probably by Folkmanis. I have no doubt that Pixar gives these guys business and vice versa. 

E-Ville is also home to Alternative Tentacles, an old school record label dedicated to punk rock.

The End.


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