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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Launch of "" Official site!

I'm a pretty skeptical person who doesn't believe in fate or karma. But even I have to admit that sometimes life takes me by surprise. It's funny when things come full circle, or seem like they were meant to happen. That's how I feel about this website. I was contacted last month by a man who needed a band website done. A band I admittedly never heard of until our conversation. Boy did I feel dense for not knowing who they are until now. The band is The Gits. And I put their name into Google and Youtube and did the typical 21st century routine research. Their story and music affected me in a way I wasn't expecting.

The nice perk on working with swag!

I do a lot of band websites and typically they are not my cup of tea (for example I'm not too jazzed to do a rap artists site), sometimes it's just work. Having to make a thorough website on the band, I inadvertently became a fan...and what feels like an authority on the band. I  was given original photographs of The Gits, and Mia Zapata their singer back in the day to scan in for the site. Handwritten lyrics by Mia Zapata. That blows my mind, I have something that belongs in a museum in MY home.

Handwritten "Absynthe" lyrics by Mia Zapata
I scanned a lot of pictures myself, I even wore gloves because I didn't want to fudge *anything* up. (Yeah, I'm a weirdo). But that is sort of symbolic I think of the kind of care and detail I took with this website project. And the level of respect I have for everyone involved. Along the way I learned a lot about this band, heard a lot of great behind the scenes music information. Totally makes me think of "Rock and Roll High School" when the Ramones manager says to Riff "This is the big time girly, this is rock and roll."

So that's what I've been so busy doing recently. I've been 'creatively pregnant' as my friend put it. And it's...a website! Check out Lots of never before seen videos and photographs and soon to be articles!

There's a lot of exciting stuff going on at the new website; like a Gits fan video contest, and we already have a few amazing submissions! We also have Gits hoodies available for pre-order!

Check out this touching fan video we received! 

Doing the website has reminded me of how strongly people connect to music. Not that I didn't already know what that's like and experience it on a daily basis...but there's something very humbling about realizing you're not alone. That we all suffer and we all experience joy. And that there's something about the Gits music that touches you deep down inside.

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